Workouts of The Day April 12th 2021

Strength & Conditioning:

LAST WEEK before our deload week and then will start a NEW cycle the following Week.
A.) 6-8 Reps Back Squats
superset with;
12-15 Weighted DB Sit-Ups
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

*DOUBLE PROGRESSION. See details below.

The goal is to get ALL 3 sets for 8 reps. Once you can do that, you add 5% to the bar NEXT TIME. That new load should knock you down to 3 sets at 6-7 reps, but eventually, you will be strong enough to do it for 3 sets of 8 again (might take a week or 2). Then we add another 5% and repeat the process.

NOTE: 3 x 6 x 95 means 3 sets for 6 reps and 95 is the weight used for each set. (for sake of the example)
Week 1 — 3 x 6 x 95lbs
Week 2 — 3 x 7 x 95lbs
Week 3 — 3 x 8 x 95lbs.
Week 4 — DELOAD
Week 5 — 3 x 6 x 100lbs.
Week 6 — 3 x 7 x 100lbs.
Week 7 — 3 x 8 x 100lbs.
and so on….

B.) 15min. AMRAP:
25 Wall Balls (20/14)
600m Run or 50 Calorie Row
75 Overhead Squats 45/35lb bar
100 Double Unders
Can anyone make it back to the OHS on the 2nd round?!


5 rounds: (10min. CAP)
7 Pull-Ups
7 Dumbbell Thrusters (35’s / 25’s)
14 Dumbbell Walking Lunges (35’s / 25’s)

5 Rounds: (10min. CAP)
15/12 Cal Row
20 Wall Balls (20/14)

10min. to finish:
1min. Plank Hold
100 Russian Twists 5lb. (L+R=1)
1min. Plank Hold
100 Russian Twists 5lb.
1min. Plank Hold

Rest 3min. Between Each

Pay attention to the clock on the planks. If you drop before the minute, you owe me whatever time is left. I want that 5lb plate touching the floor on every rep on the twists too!

Daily D:

Part 1.)

3min. AMRAP:
10-12 DB Bench or Floor Press
*Max Strict Pull-Ups in remaining time…

Rest 60sec. Repeat For 4 Total Rounds.

*Round 2: Chin-Ups (underhand grip)
*Round 3: Regular Pull-Ups Again
*Round 4: Chin-Ups (underhand grip)

If you only have light DBs, then do 1min. of bench press reps straight before going to the pull-up bar.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Part 2.)

7min. to get as far as possible…
10 Double DB Swings
10 Sit-Ups (anchor your feet under DBs)
20 Double DB Swings
20 Sit-Ups
30 Double DB Swings
30 Sit-Ups
40 Double DB Swings
40 Sit-Ups
50 Double DB Swings
50 Sit-Ups

Full Body Aesthetics Day 50 Cycle 8


Back Squats
Set 1) 5 reps @40% of 1RM
Set 2) 5 reps @50% of 1RM
Set 3) 5 reps @60% of 1RM
*Warm-up sets not included
*Rest 2-3min. Between Sets

Chest/Back Superset:
15-20 Flat DB Bench Press
15-20 DB Seal Rows
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.
*Little lighter weights than usual for high reps. Should feel like reps 18-20 are damn close to failure.

Shoulders/Tricep/Bicep Superset:
10-12 Barbell Upright Rows
10-12 DB Bilateral Tricep Extensions
10-12 DB Hammer Curls (Curl both at same time)
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

1min. Weighted Plank on you hands
1min. Rest
Repeat For 4 Total Sets
*I recommend using a 45lb. for most men and 25lbs. for most women.


Seal Rows:

Barbell Upright Rows:

DB Bilateral Tricep Extensions:

DB Hammer Curls:


NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets.”

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