Workout of the Day Wednesday Oct 27th 2021


A.) On a running clock:
400m Run
10 Unbroken Bench or 12 Floor Press
Max Pull-Ups or Muscle Ups in remaining time…(5-6min.)

400m Run
8 Unbroken Bench or 10 Floor Press
Max Pull-Ups or Muscle Ups in remaining time…


400m Run
6 Unbroken Bench or 8 Floor Press
Max Pull-Ups or Muscle Ups in remaining time…


400m Run
4 Unbroken Bench or 6 Floor Press
Max Pull-Ups or Muscle Ups in remaining time…

*The bench press numbers need to be as heavy as possible, but ideally unbroken. If you must break for a few seconds that’s fine, but try and get them all in a row!

*Score is your number of pull-ups or MU you got total.

B.) At the 25min. Mark….

1min. of Max Barbell Bent Over Rows
1min. of Max Push-Ups
1min. of Max Barbell Bicep Curls
1min. of Max Barbell Skull Crushers
1min. of REST
1min. of Max Barbell Skull Crushers
1min. of Max Barbell Bicep Curls
1min. of Max Push-Ups
1min. of Max Bent over Rows

This is going to be extremely spicy 🌶 !

Recommended Weights:
Men: 45-65
Women: 35-45

Booty Crew:

A.) 20min 

Build to the heaviest Hip Thrust you can do for 20 reps (with a 3 second pause at the top) as close to unbroken as possible. This is gonna get GNARLY! You should be increasing in weight each week on these. Most of you did a blue plate last week so you need to increase this week.

10-12 Kang Squats

10-12 Deficit Reverse Lunges with pulse

B.) 40 min AMRAP

15e Both feet elevated Split Squats

12e Step Ups

Deficit KB Squats with Pulse

10 Reps KB Flow:

1 Swing

1 High Pull

1 Clean

1 Press



5 Rounds:
Min. 1) 50sec. Plank
Min. 2) 15/12 Calorie Row
Min. 3) 50-75 Double Unders
Min. 4) 10-15 DB Russian Twists (35/25lb.)
Min. 5) 15/12 Calorie Bike
Min. 6) 12-15 Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
Min. 7) Rest

I put a few rep ranges today depending on your skill level. If you can, definitely try and hit those higher rep ranges!

P.S. That midsection is going to be SORE tomorrow! Get ready for that… I’d also get ready to see to an extra few abs too though 😉

Left + Right = 1 rep on Russian Twists

Daily D:

5min. AMRAP:
21 Sit-Ups
15 DB Floor Press (50/35s+)
9 Pull-Ups

Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Rounds.

– Anchor your feet in your DBs for the Sit-Ups
– Weight is 50/35 or more if you choose
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Part 2.)

5min. AMRAP:
Renegade Rows

*Complete 5 reps on the right side and then 5 reps on the left side nonstop, until the time is up. Try and rest as little as possible

Full Body Aesthetics Day 24 Cycle 12:

Keeping the “Recovery Week” vibes going… Effort today is 6-7 range and no more than 3 working sets 🙂

The first day of this 8 week cycle starts on July 26th.

Conventional Deadlifts
Set 1) 5 reps @40% of 1RM
Set 2) 5 reps @50% of 1RM
Set 3) 5 reps @60% of 1RM
*Rest 2-3min. Between Sets

Chest/Back Superset:
8min. to get as many rounds as possible…
21 Set DB Push-Ups
7 Chin-Ups (underhand grip)

8-10 “L-Sit” DB Strict Press.
Rest 90sec. Between Sets. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

Tricep/Bicep Superset:
12-15 Barbell Skull Crushers
Immediately into;
12-15 Barbell Bicep Curls
*Rest 60sec. Between Sets.
*Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

21 Set Landmine Sit-Ups. 7 reps on the right arm. 7 on the left arm. Then 7 reps with both arms like in the video. Rest 60 seconds between sets. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.


Movement Demos:

Barbell Skull Crushers:

Barbell Curls (Regular Grip)

Important Notes 📝
RPE – Means “rate of perceived exertion.” An RPE of 7 means that, if you had to, you could lift 3 more reps. An RPE of 8 means that your max would be 2 more. And an RPE of 10 is max effort. Our progressive overload pieces will always be 10 and our accessory lifts will always be 7-8. Then on deload weeks, these numbers will slightly change.

NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets.”

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