Workout of the Day Wednesday Jan 25th 2023


A.) Every 3min. x 5 Rounds:
6-8 Barbell Bench Press
6 Deadlifts

*Use 30% LESS weight on the deadlift than the heaviest set you did over the past 7 weeks.

*Go as Heavy as Possible on the Bench Press 🙂

B.) 5 Rounds For Time:
5 Front Squats***
10 Toes-To-Bar
15/12 Cal Row or 12/8 Bike or 300m Run

Round 1: 95/65
Round 2: 115/75
Round 3: 135/95
Round 4: 155/105
Round 5: 185/135

ADV Numbers:
Round 1: 135/95
Round 2: 155/105
Round 3: 185/135
Round 4: 205/145
Round 5: 225/155

I would definitely like everyone to be ascending in weight on this, so pick a weight scheme that works for you if you don’t see it here! Should be done between 10-15min. Ideally the 15min. would best! That would mean that you picked challenging enough weights 🙂


With a PVC Pipe

-Bent over thoracic rotation 10×3/side 

-SL RDL isometric hold w/pvc press 10×3/leg 

-prone OH press 10×3

Booty Crew:

A.) 20 min to find the Heaviest weight

8 Hip Thrusts+ 8 Kas Glute Brides+ 8 Pulses+Max Hold at the Top
Superset with Abs of your choice

B.) Landmine Complex 9 reps each +Pulse at the bottom
Complete each movement on the same leg before switching legs.
Suitcase RDL
Lateral RDL

10-12 Pull Ups
10e Wide + Narrow Bent Over Rows

C.) 10 min ABs (if there is still time on class)

Full Body Aesthetics:

Progressive Movements

*Perform todays progressive movement at an RPE 8, which means you leave 2 reps in the tank each set!

A.) 3×7 One and a quarter strict press 
One and a quarter strict press

*Rest 2:00 between sets.

*One full rep = Bar starting on the shoulders, pressing to the eyes, back down to shoulders, and then all the way above the head. Watch the video for a better reference!

*These will be sneaky hard so don’t over estimate how much weight you can use.

Accessory Movements

*Perform all of today’s accessory movements at an RPE 7-8!

B.) Heel Elevated Back Squat
Heel Elevated Back Squat

Set 1: 12 reps

Set 2: 10 reps

Set 3: 8 reps

Set 4: 8 Reps

*Increase the weight as the reps decrease.

*Rest 2:00 between sets.

*Record your weight for the sets of 8.

C.) 3×12 Banded Incline DB Bench Press 
Banded Incline DB Bench Press

*Rest 90 seconds between sets.

*Final set is a rest pause set.

A rest pause set is when you complete a set, rest 15 seconds and then perform another set to failure.


10 DB bench press @50LB

rest 15 seconds

Max reps @50 LB

D.) DB Gorilla row 

3×8-12 (each arm)

*Rest 90 seconds between sets.

E.) 3×10 Supinated DB Curls 
Supinated DB Curls

*Rest 90 seconds between sets.

*The final set is a drop set.

*Go to failure on the drop set.

What is a drop set?

A drop set is when you perform a set to near failure and then immediately lower the weight of the movement and go into another set to failure. There is no rest between the two sets.


Perform a set of 10 reps of the bent over row with 50 LB DBs, then grab the 35 LB DBs and take the set to failure.

F.) 3x Max Reps Tricep Push-Downs
Tricep Push-Downs

3x “Max” Reps

*Rest 90 seconds between sets

*Aim for 15+ Reps

G.)  Weighted Hanging Knee Raises 

4x “Max” reps

*rest 90 seconds between sets.

*Try to get at least 8 reps if you’re adding weight.


Warm up sets DO NOT count towards the reps listed above.

Recommended Warm-Up Routine:
1.) Spend 5-10min. on any kind of low impact cardio
2.) Spend 5min. either foam rolling the primary muscle groups for the day or doing a few stretches that will benefit the primary lift for the day.
3.) Complete 1-3 sets of every movement above with lighter weights that your working sets. (For most of you, this all that’s needed)

How To Read RPE

RPE means “rate of perceived excursion.” It’s measured on a scale between 1 and 10. 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. When it says an RPE of 7, that means that you left 3 reps in the tank. And an RPE of 10 Means that you hit absolute failure. Make sure you truly hit these numbers! This makes or breaks results!

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