Workout of the Day Wed March 2nd 2022

The last day to register is TODAY! Click the photo to go to the registration page. 3 weeks to test your fitness and represent our box! This week we will be having a country party starting at 7!

2nd Chance Nutrition Challenge!
-6 Weeks
-Grocery Lists and Meal Plans
-Individualized macros
-Weekly Accountability & Check in’s


A.) Deadlift (Double Progression Week 7)
LAST WEEK before our deload week and then will start a NEW cycle the following Week.
6-8 Reps Deadlift
superset with;
1min. Weighted Planks on your hands
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

*DOUBLE PROGRESSION. See details below.

The goal is to get ALL 3 sets for 8 reps. Once you can do that, you add 5% to the bar NEXT TIME. That new load should knock you down to 3 sets at 6-7 reps, but eventually, you will be strong enough to do it for 3 sets of 8 again (might take a week or 2). Then we add another 5% and repeat the process.

NOTE: 3 x 6 x 95 means 3 sets for 6 reps and 95 is the weight used for each set. (for sake of the example)
Week 1 — 3 x 6 x 95lbs
Week 2 — 3 x 7 x 95lbs
Week 3 — 3 x 8 x 95lbs.
Week 4 — DELOAD
Week 5 — 3 x 6 x 100lbs.
Week 6 — 3 x 7 x 100lbs.
Week 7 — 3 x 8 x 100lbs.
and so on….

B.) 3 Rounds 
“Fight Gone Bad” style. You will be completing as many reps as possible at each station. There is NO REST between stations, so be sure to have everything setup close by!
1min. of Toes-To-Bar
1min. of Alt. Lunges 95/65
1min. of Box Jumps 20″
1min. of Cal Bike or Row or 200m Run
1min. of American KB Swings 53/35lb.
1min. of REST

This will be over before you know it, so make sure you’re moving as fast as you can!

Booty Crew:

A.) 20 min:

Find the heaviest 15 rep Hip Thrust (3 sec pause at the top)
Superset with max reps Banded Abductions

B.) 4 sets:

10-15e Bulgarian Split Squats
10-15e Single Leg DB Deficit RDL
10-15 Banded Kick Backs
Max reps Biceps curl & Arnold Press
Max reps Banded Face Pulls


“FUN upper body PUSH/PULL day!”
Every 3min. x 10 Rounds:
300m Row
12 DB Bench Press (50/25s)
7 Pull-Ups

Easy numbers, but it does start to add up eventually! So the important part here, is going to be picking the right DBs for the bench and the right number on the pull-ups.

I think these numbers are great for more than most of you, however, some of you may wish to try for slightly heavier DBs or maybe even try for 10 pull-ups each time. If you do, just keep an eye on that time and try not to fall off.

Rest 2-3 minutes and complete the “Ab Burner” below:
“Ab Burner”

6min. to get as far as possible…
10 Barbell Sit-Ups
10 Reverse Barbell Sit-Ups
9 Barbell Sit-Ups
9 Reverse Barbell Sit-Ups
8 Barbell Sit-Ups
8 Reverse Barbell Sit-Ups
…. 7,7… 6,6… All the way to 1,1…

Daily D:

4 Sets:
Max Effort DB Partial Cleavage Cutters
Rest 1min.
Max Effort Pull-Ups
Rest 1min.

Ideally the weight that you’re using here gets you between 15-20 reps on the cleavage cutters. I would say most people would be using between 45-60lbs. for men and 25-35 for women.

DB Partial Cleavage Cutters:

Rest as needed between sections here (2-3min. should be good)
7min. to finish…

100 Double DB Swings

Ideally men would use 35s which would be 70lbs total. Women would use 20-25s. That’s between 40-50lbs. for women. If you do not finish in the 7min. window, it’s fine! I just put the time cap there to keep you from putting the DBs down. I really want you to try and hang onto them for as long as possible. If you can rest as minimal as possible, you will get A LOT out of this.
Rest as needed between sections here (2-3min. should be good)
Accumulate a 4min. Hollow Hold

*Setup your smartphone on the ground with a running stopwatch. Each time you break, stop the clock. Rest for a short period (10-15sec.) and get back on it. Give yourself an 8min. Time Cap. Hopefully you’re a little better today than 2 weeks ago 😉

Hollow Hold:

Full Body Aesthetics Week 4 Day 24:


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