Workout of the Day Wed Feb 9th 2022

Register for the CrossFit Games Open! First workout comes out on Thursday Feb 24th. 3 weeks to test your fitness and represent our box!



A.) Deadlift (Double Progression Week 4 “DELOAD”)
Every 4min. x 4 Rounds:
25/18 Cal Row or 18/15 Cal Bike or 400m Run
6 Deadlifts*Use 30% LESS weight than the heaviest set you did over the past 3 weeks.
*Just adding a little breather in between today to switch up the vibe and add a little more cardio. If that weigh feels heavy, it’s fine to drop it even more than that 30%.
B.) 10min. AMRAP:
8 Front Rack Lunges 95/65
8 Wall Balls 30/20
*Every 2 rounds, add 10lbs to the bar. Ladies add 5lbs.

ADV every 2 rounds add 20lbs. Ladies add 10lbs

Booty Crew:

A.) 20 min:

Find the heaviest 3 sec pause Hip Thrust
Superset with max reps Banded Abductions

B.) 4 sets:

10-15e Bulgarian Split Squats
10-15e Bulgarian Deadlifts
10 DB Donkey Kicks Pulsing the rep number
Max reps Banded triceps push downs
Max reps Banded DB Biceps Curls

*Pulse the rep number means we do 1 rep and 1 pulse then the second rep and 2 pulses then the third rep and 3 pulses…so on til rep 10 and 10 pulses.


Every 4min. x 5 Rounds:
20 Push Press (75/55lbs.)
20 SDHP’s (75/55lbs.)
15 Burpees
10/7 Cal Assault Bike

Feel free to go 95lbs. for men and 65lbs. for women on this. Just beware, because they are gunna start to catch up quick after the first 2-3 rounds 🙂
Rest 5min. before starting below
10min. AMRAP:
10 Front Rack Lunges (75/55lbs.)
30 Double Unders
*Every other round do front squats

Daily D:

You owe me a 10min. TOTAL PLANK HOLD.

The clock starts with you performing;

2 Rounds of:
4 Double DB Snatches
8 Toes-To-Bar

IMMEDIATELY into your 10min. Plank Hold

EVERY TIME you rest or break complete, you must complete another 2 rounds of the above workout.

Time Cap: 30min.
Weight: 45/30s

This is a SUPER FUN challenge and hell of a workout!

Can you finish in the time CAP!? Will you go for a max effort plank on you first one or will you strategize? Tough questions 🙂

*If you happen to want to make this a little harder because you’re a freak at planks and you can do this in like 2 rounds, then make it 15min.

Double DB Snatch:

Full Body Aesthetics Day 3: REST DAY

Like I said on day 1, for those of you who really want to train 5 days per week, you can add in a conditioning day from the sweat or strength & conditioning program either here, Saturday, or Sunday. You can pick any particular day that looks fun to you. Just go to the program and switch the date to see past and future workouts. Personally, I think the extra rest day will be a game changer for more than 90% of you, but  I get it if you need it for your soul. Been there. Pick one of  those other workouts then and be sure to take the other 2 days OFF! Rest days are where we get stronger and grow!

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