Workout of the Day Tuesday Sept 13th 2022

This month we celebrate YOU! The life and spirit behind ADAMANT fitness! Bring friends and family all month for FREE! We have new member Specials, give away’s and fun planned all MONTH long! Check IG for weekly challenges and everything happening. 
New meals are in the fridge and ALMOST SOLD OUT! 


A.) “Death By…. “

Every 2 minutes until you can no longer finish…

8 Calorie Row or 6 Cal Bike or Run to Busstop
8 Wall Balls (20/14lb.)
1 Ground To Overhead (115/75lbs.)

Round 2:  2 Ground To Overhead
Round 3:  3 Ground To Overhead
Round 4:  4 Ground To Overhead
… And so on…


**You may clean and jerk or snatch! Up to you. You may also switch at any time.


I want everyone to go the whole 20min. So, if you can not finish as written, then just get as far as you can and then keep repeating that number until the end. For example, if you can only make it to 5, then just get there and stay there.

Score is the round you finished!

RX+ Men: 135lb. Clean and Jerk
RX+ Women: 95lb. Clean and Jerk

B.) At the 25min. mark, complete the workout below…
15 Rounds For Time:
1 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)
2 Hang Power Clean (95/65)
3 Push Press (95/65)
4 Burpees

Time CAP: 12min.

Booty Crew:

45 min to finish: 

5 Rounds of:
12e Double Bicycles (feet banded if you want to make it harder)
12-15 Shouldered Landmine Deficit Lunge (facing the plate, add a little pulse at the bottom for extra spice)

Immediately into;

5 Rounds of:
15e Mermaids
12-15 Seated or Standing Barbell Good Mornings

Immediately into;

5 Rounds of:
15-18 DB Weighted Sit Ups
12-15 Bench Supported Single Leg RDL (band optional)

Immediately into;

5 Rounds of:
20 Ball Crunches (lying on the ball)
12-15e Heavy Curtsy Lunges (HEAVY)

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