Workout Of The Day Tuesday April 20th 2021

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) Every 3min. x 6 Rounds:
3 Push Jerks (Heavy as possible)
5-6 Weighted Chin-Ups (Underhand)
*Make sure you are warm before you start. I would like ALL sets to be challenging. You may climb a little, but I do not want any easy sets.
*For the weighted Chin-ups, you can stick a plate between your legs or use a belt with weights
B.) 3min. to get as far as possible….
10 DB Snatches 50/35s
20 Push-Ups
30 -30 ft Shuttle Sprints or Cal Row
40 Double Unders
50 Sit-Ups
60 Pull-Ups

Rest 1min.

5min. to get as far as possible….
(Same Workout)

Rest 2min.

7min. to get as far as possible….
(Same Workout)

Can anyone finish that last round in the 8min. time cap!? Gunna be CLOSE!!!

Score is all reps combined from all 3 AMRAPs.


5 Rounds: (35min. Total)
Min. 1) 15/12 Cal Row
Min. 2) 60 Double Unders
Min. 3) 15 Barbell Front Squats 75/55lbs.
Min. 4) 15 Burpees
Min. 5) 12 Toes-To-Bar
Min. 6) Max Barbell Front Rack Lunges 75/55lbs.
Min. 7) Rest

Advanced: 15 TTB and using a 95/65lb. Bar.

Advanced Option 2: You can shoot for 20/15 Cals on all the cardio and leave all the other numbers as is.

Daily D:

8-10 DB Bulgarian Split Squats (ea. leg)
Immediately into;
Max Effort Set of DB Hip Thrusts
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Working Sets.

*Choose weights on split squats that really feel close to failure on the last rep. Then for the Hip Thrust, try to choose a weight that gets you around 20-30 reps. Also, be sure to pause and flex at the top of every rep! That’s key so that you don’t wind up doing a ton of reps. Plus it will be a better pump and muscle recruitment with a more concentrated focus like this.

Metcon (AMRAP РReps)
10min. to get as far as possible…

30 Alt. DB Snatches (50/35lb.)
10 Burpees
20 Alt. DB Snatches
10 Burpees
10 Alt. DB Snatches
10 Burpees

Immediately into;

10 DB Goblet Squats (50/35lb.)
50 Double Unders
20 DB Goblet Squats
50 Double Unders
30 DB Goblet Squats
50 Double Unders

The numbers go quick and it is finishable in 10min! Can you make it!?

Full Body Aesthetics Day 2 Cycle 9:

6-8 Barbell Incline Bench Press
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.
*See Double Progression Template Below

5-6 Barbell Front Squats
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.
*Effort on this piece is 6 out 10 today. It should be on the heavier side since the reps are lower, but not super taxing.

8-10 Single Arm Arnold Press on each side.
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Sets

10-12 Incline DB Seal Rows
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

5min. of Lee Priest Tricep Extensions
*Your goal is to just keep solid form and get as many as possible. You can drop to your knees or adjust  the bar height at any time to scale it.

10-12 CrossBody DB Curls on each arm.
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

Standing Barbell Calf Raises.
Set 1: 15-20 Reps at 80% Effort
Set 2: 12-15 Reps at 90% Effort
Set 3: 10-12 Reps at 100% Effort
Set 4: 50% of the weight used on Set 3 for 1 MAX unbroken set.
Rest 2min. Between Sets.


The first day of this cycle starts on 2/8



The goal on these movements is to get ALL 3 sets for 8 reps. Once you can do that, you add 5% to the bar. That new load should knock you down to 3 sets at 6-7 reps, but eventually, you will be strong enough to do it for 3 sets of 8 again. Then we add another 5%. With the unilateral movements that I chose for this cycle, I believe this is going to be the best format for results.


NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets.”

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