Workout of the Day Thursday Nov 17th 2022

Aaron’s Going Away Christmas Party Brewery Bike Crawl Sunday Nov 27th 11am-4pm.


A. 20 min to build to a Heavy Superset
2-3 Rep Bench Press
Max reps Chin Ups

B.) EMOM 16 min Alternating minutes
Min 1) 20 Russian KB Swings (70/50)
Min 2) 15 Toes to Bar
Min 3) 1 min Farmer Hold
Min 4) REST

Booty Crew:

Density Day! 45 min running clock! 5 min each movement for max reps, no rest between movements set everything up before starting (come early to set up and warmup or don’t plan on finishing)

Deficit Hip Thrust (3 pulse at the top)
Banded Kick Backs
Reverse Sit Ups/Bicycle crunches
DB Glute Bridge
Plate Abductions
Reverse Plank leg lifts
Standing Banded Abductions
Single Leg KB Suitcase DL
Hollow Hold & Tap Crunches

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