Workout of the day Thursday March 9th 2023


A.) Bench/Row Superset 5 Working Sets

6 Close Grip Bench press
12 DB Bent Over Row
*Rest 2:00 after every sets
*Build to a heavy 6 reps on the close grip bench press.
*Use the same weight on the row as you did last week and try to increase the amount of reps you performed!

B.) AMRAP 15min:

50 Barbell Floor Press (115/75)
50 Strict Pull-ups

*Everytime you break, you must stop and perform:
35 double unders


*You can not progress from the floor press to the strict pull-ups until you complete all 50 reps. If you complete all 50 strict pull-ups before the 15 minute mark, go back to the DB bench press!

Booty Crew:

A.) 20 Rep Tempo Hip Thrusts 4-5 Sets: (20min max)

6 Regular Reps
6 Up Fast Down Slow
6 Up Slow Down Slow
6 1&1/4 Reps

*After each set complete your choice of weighted ABs (examples: banded curl downs, weighted sit ups, weighted GHDs, weighted knee raises, weighted V-ups, weighted plank, DB Toe touches).

B.) 4-5 Sets
8-12e DB Step Downs
8-12e + pulse every rep Kneeling Banded Kick Back
8-12e KB Curtsy RDL

Full Body Aesthetics: REST DAY


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