Workout of the Day Thursday July 8th 2021

TODAY is the last day to sign up!

-25 WODs to pick from with various point values

-You and your partner get 35 min to finish your favorite 15

-However, I will be picking your partner!

-It’s gonna be a GREAT time! 9am-11am!



A.) Olympic Lifting & Deficit Deadlift SUPERSET:
2 POWER Snatches or Power Cleans (You choose)
Rest about 30sec. and immediately complete;
6-8 Deficit Deadlifts
Rest 2-3min. after each SUPERSET. Repeat For 3 Total Working Sets.

*THIS IS A SUPERSET. Do the Olympic lift, go immediately into the Deadlift, and then rest 2-3min.
*Your goal for each of the 2 lifts is to build to the heaviest weights possible. Next week, we will have a different OLY complex and we will try to add another 5% or more to the that deficit deadlift!

B.) 20 Rounds For Time:
6 DB Walking Lunges (45/30s)
6 Wall Balls (20/14lb.)
6 Toes-To-Bar

Time CAP: 18min.

These 20+ round workouts with a low rep scheme seem to be everyone’s favorite workout of the week. So I have been trying to keep plugging one in wherever it makes sense for ya’ll! I appreciate all the amazing feedback I’ve been getting lately! Definitely helps me program, knowing what everyone likes. On top of what is necessary  that is 😉


Teams of 2:

“You Go, I Go” Style!

40 Rounds: (20 Rounds Each)

6 Cal Assault Bike
6 Double DB Hang Power Cleans (45/30s)
6 Double DB Front Squats (45/30s)

Considering the workouts we’ve had so far this week, a Team Style piece seemed like the right move today 🙂

This one looks SUPER FUN!!

Let’s see who the fastest team is today!

Double DB Hang Cleans:

Double DB Front Squats:

Daily D:

“Macho Man… Daily D Style”

EMOM for as long as possible…
4 DB Power Cleans 45/30s
4 DB Front Squats
4 DB Push Jerks
**Stop at 20min. regardless

RX+ options:
1.) 5/5/5 rep scheme
2.) 50/35lbs DBs
3.) both

One of my all time favorite Daily D workouts!

Full Body Aesthetics Day 25 Cycle 10:


Sumo Deadlifts
Set 1) 5 reps @40% of 1RM
Set 2) 5 reps @50% of 1RM
Set 3) 5 reps @60% of 1RM
*Warm-up sets not included
*Rest 2-3min. Between Sets

Chest/Back Superset:
8-10 Reverse Grip Bench Press
Immediately into;
8-10 “3 Point” Landmine Rows on each side
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

8-10 Supinated Barbell Front Raises
Immediately into;
8-10 Regular Grip Barbell Front Raises
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.
*Video shows supinated grip. Then just flip to regular overhand grip.

Triceps/Bicep Superset:
10-12 Lee Priest Tricep Extensions
Immediately into;
10-12 Vertical Single DB Curls
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

3 sets of Landmine 21’s.
Rest 60sec. Between Sets.
*Add some weight if you’re strong at these 🙂


Reverse Grip Bench Press:

3 Point Landmine Row:

Lee Priest Tricep Extensions:

Vertical Single DB Curl:


NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets.”

Your primary lift for the day (It’s always the first exercise) is always at an effort of 10 out of 10. Also known as RPE 10. (Rate of perceived exertion) All of the accessory lifts for the day that are not the main focus will be RPE of 7-8. This means on each working set, you are going to the point of 2-3 reps short of failure.

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