Workout of the Day Saturday Sept 25th 2021

We gotta make up for last year and have 2x the parties and fun! Join us for an 80’s themed Partner & a Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt WOD that will take you and your partner WODing all over PB. And more halloween fun on Oct 30th at our annual Halloween Potluck Rager! Friends and family who are over 21 are welcome for both events.


100 Rounds For Time: (50 each)

“I Go, You Go Style”

-1 Burpee Deadlift
-1 Burpee Power Clean
-1 Burpee Squat Clean

Time CAP: 40min.

Men’s RX: 135lbs.
Men’s ADV: 155lbs.

Women’s RX: 95lbs.
Women’s ADV: 105lbs.

*Partner number 1 must complete the entire round before partner 2 can hop in.

*Something we have never done before today… Every movement starts with a burpee. However, your hands  never leave the bar… While keeping your hands on the bar, drop down and touch  your chest to the bar and then perform the movement. 3 reps will go by fast, but for 100 rounds… It’s going to get tough about halfway through… Let’s see if you can finish in the 40min. time cap 🙂


“Team Cardio + Abs”

35min. AMRAP:
50 Cal Bike
50 Cal Row
50 DB Deadlifts (70/50s)
50 Box Jump Overs (24/20″)
50 Toes-To-Bar
50 Sit-Ups
50 Russian Twists with 45/30lb DB

… Then 40 of all that
… Then 30 of all that
… Then 20 of all that
… Then 10 of all that

*Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time. Feel free to trade the row for a ski, but no back and forth, that’s your machine the whole time. Can you finish?

Left + Right = 1 rep on russian twists.

Daily D:

A.) Complete a Max effort set of Heel Elevated DB Goblet Squats

Then, immediately go into a max effort set of:

Weighted DB Sit-Ups

Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

Weight suggestions:
Something that gets you between 10-15 reps on each movements.


Heels Elevated DB Goblet Squat:
*You can use anything for the heel raise. A book works great also.

Weighted DB Sit-Up:

B.) 12min. to get as far as possible….
Devil Press 45/30s
Air Squats

For the record, the air squats are 5X the number of devil presses.

Devil Press:

Full Body Aesthetics Day 48 Cycle 11: REST DAY


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