Workout of the Day Saturday May 15th 2021

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Tomorrow Open Gym is available Outside ONLY! There is a seminar going on in the main room with videos and lecture so we gotta keep it down so the smart people can learn. Thank you!


A.) 35min. to get as far as possible…

30 Rounds Per Partner : (60 rounds total)
1 Deadlift (315/205)
3 HSPU’s
5 Wall Balls 30/20

*** You go, I go style. ***

I wanna talk about a few ways we can spice this up, if you choose to!

Option 1: Instead of HSPU’s you can do muscle ups since we haven’t done a lot of them lately. You won’t get as far into the workout obviously, but still a fun option.

Option 2: Increase the deadlift weight every 10 rounds. SO maybe start at like 225, then, 275, then 315.. Or go over the RX. Whichever you and your partner decide.


With a Running Clock…

… at the 0:00
20 Burpees
30 Pull-Ups

…at the 6:00
20 Reverse Burpees
30 Wall Balls (30/20lb.)

… at the 12:00
30 Burpees
40 SDHP’s 95/65

…at the 18:00
30 Reverse Burpees
40 Push-Ups

Rest 2min. Repeat Entire Sequence 1 more time.

In teams of 2! Only 1 person works at a time. Split the reps how ever you like. It’s only 5min for each section, but it starts to add up quick! Testing this one was super fun so I know ya’ll are gunna love it!

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