Workout of the Day Saturday July 17th 2021


Teams of 2: (1 person works at a time)

2 Rounds For Time:
200 Double-Unders
50 Overhead Squats (135/95 lb)
50 Pull-Ups
1 mile Run

This is a classic HERO WOD call, “Bull.” Usually takes people about 45min solo, so I am hoping you guys can finish as a team in 35min. or less.

*Break it up however you like, but the run must be in 200m intervals.

*If you and your teammate are really badass, consider doing 30 Muscle Ups in stead of 50 pull-ups each round.

*If you need to scale the Overhead Squats, consider doing 100 Barbell Only Overhead Squats (50 each) each round.


Teams of 2:

“You Go, I Go” Style!

40 Rounds For Time: (20 Rounds EACH)

1 Devil Press
2 DOUBLE DB Hang Cleans
3 DOUBLE DB Thrusters
4 DOUBLE DB Push Press
5 Toes-To-Bar

Time CAP: 35min.

I set the movements up, so that this is a constant flow. Should not have to put the DBs down at any point or even move your feet around too much 🙂

This is gunna be a SPICY one today!

RX Men Weight: 45s
RX+ Men Weight: 50s

RX Women Weight: 30s
RX+ Women Weight: 35s

**If it’s possible, you and your teammate can shoot for 50 rounds (25 each) in that 35min. time cap 🙂

Double DB Hang Clean:

Devil Press:

Daily D:

“Density Saturday” – Some Full Body Aesthetics Vibes today 🙂

5min. of Alternating DB Lunges
*Standing in place or walking

5min. of Single Arm Arnold Press
*Switch sides every 5-6 reps nonstop

5min. of Crossbody DB Bicep Curls
*Switch sides every 5-6 reps nonstop

5min. of Single DB Skull Crushers for Max Reps

5min. of Deficit Single Leg DB Calf Raises
(Switch sides every 5-7 reps nonstop)


– Rest 90sec. Between Stations
– Inevitably, you will have to take many rest breaks, but try and keep them between 15-20sec.
– For weight, you want to choose something that you can do for like a set of 15-20 reps. Then start chipping away at sets of 6-8 for the remaining time (Unless otherwise specified).


Single Arm Arnold Press:

Crossbody DB Bicep Curl:

Single DB Skull Crushers:

Deficit Single Leg DB Calf Raises:


Full Body Aesthetics Day 34 Cycle 10: REST DAY

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