Workout of the Day Sat Jan 14th 2022


Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time. Split the reps however you like. “You go, I go” is probably the fastest.

For Time:

60 Rounds:
2 Hang Power Cleans (185/135lbs.)
4 Wall Balls (30/20lb.)

Rest 5min.

30 Rounds:
4 Deadlifts (225/155lbs.)
6 Cal Bike

I know the numbers look like a lot, but I promise it goes quick!

The Goals is to have you finish in 12-15min. range on each, so if you want to bump the weight up a bit to slow you down then I definitely advise that.

That 5min. Rest is there to give you enough time to recharge to go HARD again and change your weights out.

Time CAP: 35min.

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