Workout of the Day Sat Feb 26th 2022

Register for the CrossFit Games Open! First workout comes out on Thursday Feb 24th. 3 weeks to test your fitness and represent our box!

2nd Chance Nutrition Challenge!
-6 Weeks
-Grocery Lists and Meal Plans
-Individualized macros
-Weekly Accountability & Check in’s


Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time. Split the reps however you like. “You go, I go” is probably the fastest.

For Time:

60 Rounds:
2 Hang Power Cleans (185/135lbs.)
4 Wall Balls (30/20lb.)

Rest 5min.

30 Rounds:
4 Deadlifts (225/155lbs.)
6 Cal Row or Bike

I know the numbers look crazy, but I promise it goes quick!

The Goals is to have you finish in 12-15min. range on each, so if you want to bump the weight up a bit to slow you down then I definitely advise that. Most of you will probably be moving at 15-20sec. per round.

That 5min. Rest is there to give you enough time to recharge to go HARD again and change your weights out.

Time CAP: 35min


“Team Cardio Day!”

Teams of 2. Only 1 partner works at a time. I know a lot of you are going to want to scale back on the weights, but considering it’s in teams of 2, I really think most of you will be flying through those reps. So try and keep them on the more challenging side today 🙂

You may split the reps however you like for everything except the run. That you must split 200m each.

​”Can anyone make it to the second round?!”

Metcon (Time)
40min. AMRAP:

400m run (200m each)
175 Double-unders
400m run
150 DB Push Press 45/30s
400m run
125 Air Squats
400m run
100 DB Deadlifts 70/50s
400m run
75 TTB
400m run
50 Push-Ups
400m run
25 Box Jumps 30/24″
400m Run

Daily D:

The workout:
5min. of DB Lunges for Max Reps (Switch sides every 5-6 reps nonstop)
5min. of Single Arm Arnold Press for Max Reps (Switch sides every 5-6 reps nonstop)
5min. of Crossbody DB Curls for Max Reps (Switch sides every 5-6 reps nonstop)
5min. of Single DB Skull Crushers for Max Reps
5min. of Seated DB Calf Raises for Max Reps

The details:
– Shoot for as many reps as possible at each station! (Goal is between 50-70 reps)
– Rest 2min. Between Stations
– Inevitably, you will have to take many rest breaks, but try and keep them between 10-20sec.
– For weight, you want to choose something that you can do for like a set of 10-15 reps (30-40% of your 1 rep max). Then start chipping away at sets of 5-6 for the remaining time (Unless otherwise specified).

*Put your scores below

DB Lunges  (5min. for MAX REPS)
*Standing in place or walking
Single Arm Arnold Press (5min. for MAX REPS)

*Switch sides every 6-8 reps nonstop
Crossbody DB Curls (5min. for MAX REPS)

*Switch sides every 6-8 reps nonstop
Single DB Skull Crusher (5min. for MAX REPS)
Seated DB Calf Raises  (5min. for MAX REPS)

Full Body Aesthetics Week 3 Day 20:


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