Workout of the Day Mon March 15th 2021

The CrossFit Games Open kicks off March 11th! Get registered and get ready for Friday night lights March 12th, 19th and 26th! No Friday 4pm CrossFit class!

Dr Coach Jereme and his team are hosting a mobility prep workshop for the open! Check out move event details by clicking HERE and get ready to crush the OPEN!!!

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) Back Squat (Double Progression Week 3)
6-8 Reps
superset with;
12-15 Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

*DOUBLE PROGRESSION. See details below.

Everyone will start this program on the low end of the rep range, 6 reps at the same weight for 3 sets (week 1). The overall goal by the end of this program is to get ALL 3 sets a the same weight for 8 reps (ideally this should happen week 3). Once you can do that, you add 5% to the bar NEXT TIME. That new load should knock you down to 3 sets at 6 reps again, but eventually, you will be strong enough to do it for 3 sets of 8 again (might take a week or 2). Then we add another 5% and repeat the process.

NOTE: 3 x 6 x 95 means 3 sets for 6 reps and 95 is the weight used for each set. (for sake of the example)
Week 1 — 3 x 6 x 95lbs
Week 2 — 3 x 7 x 95lbs
Week 3 — 3 x 8 x 95lbs.
Week 4 — DELOAD
Week 5 — 3 x 6 x 100lbs.
Week 6 — 3 x 7 x 100lbs.
Week 7 — 3 x 8 x 100lbs.
and so on….

B.) 4 Rounds (16 min)
3min. AMRAP:
400m Row or 400m Run
6-8 Barbell Bench Press (Climbing)
in remaining time…
Max Toes-To-Bar

Rest 1min.

On the bench, try to start at around 70% effort and build a little each round. I want this to be hard for each of you individually, so no RX today. Make sure you can get all reps unbroken. If you do break, it’s over, go to the TTB until the time is up


21 min EMOM:
Min 1: 15/12 cal bike
Min 2: 60 Double Unders
Min 3: 7 Devil Press 35/25s

Rest 3 min.

3 rounds: (Time CAP: 15 min.)
200m run
30 Russian Swings 70/53
200m run
15 Toes to bar

RX+ on part 1 is 5 Devil Press with 50/35s 🙂

Daily D:

“Little bit of booty… Little bit of abs… Little bit of cardio…”

21min. EMOM:
Min. 1.) 30sec. of Max Heels Elevated Goblet Squats
Min. 2.) 30sec. of Max Toes-To-Bar
Min. 3.) 30sec. of Max Double Unders

*Make sure to go HARD on each section and shoot for unbroken reps if possible. The first round or 2 may be a little easy, but don’t worry, it’s coming…
*Goals: 10-15 Squats, 10-15 TTB, and 50-60 Double Unders each round.


Heels Elevated Goblet Squats:


If you ever have any questions, be sure to get acquainted with private Facebook where many of us mingle daily 😉

Located here:

Full Body Aesthetics Day 22 Cycle 8:

Front Squats
Set 1) 5 reps @40% of 1RM
Set 2) 5 reps @50% of 1RM
Set 3) 5 reps @60% of 1RM
*Warm-up sets not included
*Rest 2-3min. Between Sets

Chest/Back Superset:
1min. of Alternating DB Push-Ups (Switch sides every 5 reps)
Immediately into;
10 Single Arm DB Rows on each arm
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Sets

10-12 Thumb Up DB Lateral Raises on each arm an with opposite arm Isometric hold. Rest 90sec. after the 2nd arm. Repeat For 3 Sets. WATCH THE VIDEO:

Bicep/Tricep Superset:
10-12 Supinated DB Curls
Immediately into;
15-20 Lee Priest Tricep Extensions
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

15-20 DB Russian Twists.
Rest 60sec. Repeat For 4 Total Sets.
*Left + Right = 1rep


Alternating Push-Ups:

Lee Priest Tricep Extensions:

Supinated DB Curls:


NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets.”


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