Workout of the Day Friday August 13th 2021


A. From 0-16min…
You can make small jumps each set, but try and start pretty heavy so that you have 4 legit “working sets.”
Every 4min. x 4 Rounds:
6-8 Back Rack Lunges Each leg
Immediately into;
Your Choice:
1.) 200m Farmer Carry with (2) Kettlebells (53/35)
2.) 2 min Max reps Hip Thrusts (135/225)

3.) 1 Min Max Barbell Biceps Curls + 1 Min Max DB Skull Crushers (pick a weight you can move the whole time)

*On the farmer carry’s, I legit just want you to walk at a brisk pace. Try not run or walk super slow. If it’s taking you more than 2 min shorted the distance.

*On the hip thrust it should be heavy don’t be scared of those weights if you can deadlift it you can hip thrust it MANY times more. It should be one big set and then chip away in smaller sets of 3-5 until time runs out.
B. Hero Workout Chad…ish
There is a HERO workout called “Chad” that came out a couple years ago that is 1000 weighted ups for time. So I was thinking of something similar to that, but a little more fun and obviously shorter so… Here’s what I came up with…
For Max Total Reps:
4min. of Bike or Row or Run (800-1000m for most, maybe a bit more if you are fast)
4min. of Box Step-Ups with (1) 35/26lb. KB
3min. of Bike or Row or Run (600-800m)
3min. of Box Step-Ups with (1) 35/26lb. KB
2min. of Bike or Row or Run (400-600m)
2min. of Box Step-Ups with (1) 35/26lb. KB
ADV weight 44/35
ADV + 53/44

Booty Crew:

Booty Crew:

A.) EMOM 10 min:

8 Hip Thrusts 3 sec hold at the top of each

B.) EMOM 10 min:

10 3-Pulse Barbell Glute Bridges

C.) 40 min AMRAP

50 Banded Back Squats

50 Barbell Biceps Curl

50e DB Donkey Kicks

50 Banded Triceps Extensions

50e Side Lying Plate Abductions

50 Upright Rows

50e Weighted Pistols to bench

*10 Handstand Kick Ups after each exercise


Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time. Split the reps however you like. “You go, I go” is probably the fastest.

60 Rounds:
3 DB Thrusters 45/30s
3 Burpees

Rest 3min.

30 Rounds:
6 Cal Bike
6 Toes-To-Bar

I know the numbers look crazy, but I promise it goes quick!

The Goals is to have you finish in 12-15min. range on each, so if you want to bump the weight up a bit to slow you down then I definitely advise that. Most of you will probably be moving at 15-20sec. per round.

That 3min. Rest is there to give you enough time to recharge to go HARD again and set your next station up if it’s not already setup 🙂

We did something similar to this a few months back with slightly different movements if you remember! Lots of great feedback, so wanted to bring the vibe back on a Friday!

Time CAP: 35min

Daily D:

1min. AMRAP:
8-10 DB Arnold Press (Right Arm)
Immediately into;
Max Effort DB Upright Rows (Right Arm)Repeat immediately on the left arm. Rest 60sec. Then repeat until you’ve done 3 sets on both arms.
8 Rounds: (4min.)
20sec. of Double Unders
10sec. of RestImmediately into;8 Rounds: (4min.)
20sec. of DB Russian Twists (30/20lbs.)
10sec. of Rest

Immediately into;

8 Rounds: (4min.)
20sec. of Toes-To-Bar
10sec. of Rest

Stay at each station for ALL 8 rounds until you switch. Total workout time is 12min. on this section

Full Body Aesthetics Day 5 Cycle 11


7min. of Back Squats

7min. of Flat Bench DB Cleavage Cutters

7min. of Strict Pull-Ups
*Alternate evenly between close grip, regular width, and wide grip

7min. of “Thumb Up” Lateral DB Raises
*You will be weaker in this position than a normal lateral raise, so pick you weight accordingly.

Bicep/Tricep Superset:
7min. of….
Double DB Hammer Curls
Double DB Skull Crushers
*On this one, you are doing the hammer curls immediately into the skull crushers. Still shooting for as many sets and reps as possible like all the other movements. You just have 2 movements on this one. I suggest doing 6-8 reps of each right out the gate and sticking with that all the way through.

7min. of Weighted DB Sit-Ups


Double DB Hammer Curl:

Double DB Skull Crushers:


Your goal for each movement is to get as many quality reps in as absolutely possible! (Typically, on the single movement sections, you will get somewhere between 70-100 total reps if you choose the right weight and put some solid intensity in!)

I recommend using weights between 40-50% of your 1 rep max.

Ideally, your first set is about 12-15 reps. Then you shoot for a quick 10-20sec. rest before chipping away at sets of 6-8 reps for the remainder of the time.

Each movement starts out easy, but it does quickly start to add up and get tough! Try as hard as you can to not rest too long and keep pushing some quality reps! These “Density” days are all about pushing huge amounts of blood to those muscles!

In the past cycles, we would record our weights and reps here and try to beat our numbers each week. However, for this cycle, I want to keep the variety the main variable, so that each and every “Density” day is something you truly get excited about. The more energy and excitement you have going into the workout… The higher our performance will be. Which = More Gains 🙂




NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets.”

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