WODs: CrossFit, Sweat & HIBB Sat May 4th 2019


3 Piece today… Partners of 2 (only 1 works at a time)

5 Rounds: (0-10min.)
20 Alt. DB Snatches 70/50lb
30 Pull-Ups

10-18min. (With a partner)
Pick 1:
1 mile run (in 200m intervals)
2000m Row  (in 200m intervals)

18-30min. (10min. AMRAP)
Deadlifts 225/155
Burpees over the bar

Each section has a time cap so you gotta move! Finish early and you get rest. Go slow and you’re going to be wishing you went faster 😉

I think a lot of you can probably do 255/175+ on the deads. Depends if you did the deadlifts workout earlier this week. If you didn’t shoot for something a little harder.

I also like Hang Power Cleans instead of Deadlifts if you’re sore in your posterior chain today. Go for 135/95 if so.


“Doce Dias De Cinco De Mayo”

1 Wall Walk
200m Run
3 DB Thrusters
4 DB Lunges
5 Burpees
6 Box Jumps 24/20″
7 Wall Balls 30/20
8 Alt. DB Snatches
9 Air Squats
10 DB Power Cleans
11 Cal Assault Bike
12 Cal Row

Complete 1, then 2,1 then 3,2,1, and so on till you get to 12… And then all thew way back to 1. and you’re done.

45/30 is RX
50/35 is ADV

Stands for — “Twelve Days of Cinco De Mayo”
A.) EMOM  10 min (Every Min on the Min)
5 Deadlifts (60% of your max)
10 Kipping Pull Ups (15 if you are advanced)
Rest 5 min
B.) 10min Max Cals Assault Bike or Row (pick one)
Rest 5 min
C.) 4 sets
10-12 reps Barbell Biceps Curls
10-12 reps DB Triceps Skull Crushers
*Choose a weights that are challenging for both movements
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