Wed June 19th 2019 CrossFit, Strong & Sweat WODs

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8 & 9am classes will have a special WOD written by Neil called “Farewell” so you can thank him for all the Saturday fun you’ve had with him.
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A.) Deadlift (Week 1 of 4)
Same style as the squats. Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x max reps

Complete a 1min. Weighted Plank on your hands BEFORE every set above. 3-5 Sets total. The warm-up sets planks are optional 😉

B.) 15min. AMRAP:
5 Bench Press 185/100
5 Weighted Pull Ups
15 Wall Balls 20/14
200m Run
*If you can’t do Weighted Pull Ups, do strict, if you can’t do strict use a band. No Kipping.
*Share the benches and start at different stations to make this work.
*If your bench press is really light, then consider doing a floor press with some DBs for sets of 10 instead.
*ADV 30/20lb Ball


This will be a deload/recovery week. The training should be performed with loads that ensure 5+ RIR (reps in reserve). So we want to make sure to be 5 reps “shy of failure” and more or less just go through the motions of training to let the CNS recover before the new cycle starting 6/24
As a general rule, you should approach training at the same pace as a brisk walk or slow jog. Leave the gym feeling like you got a small endorphin rush. If you say “wow, that was a great workout” then you worked WAY TOO HARD!

A. 3 Rounds:
Keep weights light and rest only 1-2 min between sets
8 Back Squat @ approx 50-55% max
Rest 15-30 sec
4 Front Squats (same weight as BS)
Rest 2-3 min
B. 2 Rounds
Perform each round “quickly” but with QUALITY, then rest 2-3 min between rounds
200m Farmers Walk (moderate/heavy)
12 Goblet Squats (with one KB or DB from FW)
3 Broad Jumps (each for max distance, full reset between reps)
C. EMOM x 12 min (alternating):
Front-Rack Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats x 6-8 Reps (LEFT)
Decline or GHD Sit-ups x 10-15 Reps
Front-Rack Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats x 6-8 Reps (RIGHT)
Russian Medball Twists x 16-24 Reps (8-12 per side)
D. 2 Rounds:
Keep intensity to about 60-70% effort here
8 Burpee DB Box Step-ups
16/12 Cal Assault Bike (male/female) OR Run 200m


2 rounds
Min 1: 15/12 cal bike
Min 2: 12/9 cal bike
Min 3: 9/6 cal bike
Min 4: rest
Immediately into…
2 rounds
Min 1: 15/12 Cal Row
Min 2: 12/9 Cal Row
Min 3: 9/6 Cal Row
Min 4: rest
Immediately into…
2 rounds
Min 1: 15/12 Burpees
Min 2: 12/9 Burpees
Min 3: 9/6 Burpees
Min 4: rest
Immediately into…
2 rounds
Min 1: 80 Double Unders
Min 2: 65 Double Unders
Min 3: 50 Double Unders
Min 4: rest

One big cardio session! This is only as hard as you make it, so be sure to get some good numbers that you can hang with the entire time. This was actually tested with a few people at:
Min 1: 20/15 cals
Min 2: 17/13 cals
Min 3: 14/11 cals

So that is definitely doable for some of you. Scaling might look like the numbers above or maybe even less if you’re a small female. The point is to start at something that takes around 40sec. of some hard work to get, then go down to a doable number each time after that.

It’s 2 rounds of a section before you go to the next section. every 4th minute is a rest. You may start wherever you like. Make sure to test everything out in the warm up to get some good numbers for yourself.

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