Thursday May 23rd 2019

It’s Murph TIME! Meeting at Fanuel park this year, running the mile to the gym for pull ups, push ups, and squats and running the mile back to the park to jump in the water and hang out! Can’t wait to see everyone there!


Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds For Time:

10 Front Squats 70/50lb DB

10 Toes-To-Bar

Front Squats are holding (1) DB vertically in your hands, palming the top of the DB.


Keep your feet TOGETHER. No space in between your feet.


Metcon (No Measure)

For Quality Not Time:

100 Single Leg RDLs with 50/35lb DB+

*Every 20 reps complete 20 Sit-Ups

On these RDLs, keep the leg your working “relatively straight” and slowly try to ouch the ground or as close you can get. Once you feel the hamstring stretch, you can come back up. Complete 10 on each side before switching. Once you get 10 on each side, compete your 20 sit-ups.