Strength & Conditioning, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Wed Nov 4th 2020

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) Deadlift (Recovery week 4 of 4)
Every 4min. x 4 Rounds:
400m Row or 400m Run
5 Deadlifts at % of 1RM
Round 1: 40%
Round 2: 50%
Round 3: 60%
Round 4: 60%
PLEASE do not go above these percentages as it is the recovery week. The cardio should be the hard part today.
*If possible try to use a 30X0 Tempo. (Just means to take 3sec. to descend each time. Keeps the reps quality and gives more time under tension.)
B.) For Time:
100 Front Rack Lunges 95/65
* 5 Wall Balls at the top of each minute until finished. Starting with Wall Balls (20/14lb. ball)

ADV is
50 reps at 95/65
50 reps at 115/75

I know you want to go fast , but please don’t hit your knee on the ground too hard. Be cautious! Step back or forward is fine. Left + Right = 2 reps


15min. to finish…
DB Push Press 50/35s
*30 Double Unders After Each Set

4min. rest

15 min to finish…
4 Rounds
500m Row or 400m Run
20 DB Bench 45/20s+

Cash out: (Pick 1)
1.) 50 Banded Pull Aparts
2.) 50 Weighted Dips
3.) 50 DB Russian Twists 45/30lb.
*If you have time, do all 3!

Da Daily D:

7 Rounds:
7 Handstand Push-Ups
7 Thrusters (45/30s)

Rest 3min.

7 Rounds:
7 Knees-to-Elbows
7 Burpee Deadlifts (45/30s)

Advanced Options:
1.) Do your HSPUs in the DBs
2.) Use 50/35s
3.) Both 1 and 2

Full Body Aesthetics: Day 24 Cycle 4 Last full week before deload week & Cycle 5 starts

12-15 Single Leg DB RDLs on each leg
Superset with;
15-20 Standing Banded Abbuctors on each side
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 3 Sets
Demo: (Abbductors)
Demo: (RDLs)

Max Reps of Banded Flat DB Bench. Rest 90sec. Repeat for 3 Total Sets. (Use a weigh that gets you between 15-20 reps)

Max Close Grip Band Lat Pull-Downs (prone position) with a 2sec. hold at the bottom of each rep.
Rest 60sec. Repeat For 4 Total Sets
Demo: (First Video)

12-15 L-Sit DB Presses
Rest 90sec. Repeat for 4 total sets

Biceps + Triceps:
15-20 Banded Single DB Skull Crushers
Superset with;
Max Banded External Curls
Rest 60sec. Repeat For 4 Total Sets

2 Rounds For Time:
50 Banded Wood Chops (right)
50 Banded Wood Chops (Left)

Banded Single DB Skull Crushers:

Reverse Grip Banded Bicep Curls:


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