Strength & Conditioning, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Sat March 6th 2021

The CrossFit Games Open kicks off March 11th! Get registered and get ready for Friday night lights March 12th, 19th and 26th!

Dr Coach Jereme and his team are hosting a mobility prep workshop for the open! Check out move event details by clicking HERE and get ready to crush the OPEN!!!


Strength & Conditioning:

Teams of 2: (1 person works at a time)

2 Rounds For Time:
200 Double-Unders
50 Overhead Squats (135/95 lb)
50 Pull-Ups
1 mile Run

This is a classic HERO WOD called, “Bull.” Usually takes people about 45min solo, so I am hoping you guys can finish as a team in 35min. or less.

*Break it up however you like, but the run must be in 200m intervals.

*If you and your teammate are really badass, consider doing 30 Muscle Ups in stead of 50 pull-ups each round. And depending on skill level, you can add a little weight to the OHS. Maybe 155?


35min. to get as far as possible…

1 Devil Press 45/24s
200m Run
3 Burpees
4 DB Lunges (2 ea. leg) 45/25s
5 Push-Ups
6 Pull-Ups
7 DB Power Cleans 45/25s
8 DB Push Press 45/25
10 Wall Balls 30/20
11 Cal Assault Bike
12 Air Squats

Goes like this…
1..2,1…3,2,1…4,3,2,1… and so on… The last round is 12 Air Squats, all the way back to the 1 Devil Press.

Can you finish!? I think a few of you can!

To be clear I’ll Show an example of the flow…

1 Devil Press
200m Run + 1 Devil Press
3 Burpees + 200m Run + 1 Devil Press
Keep going down 1 movement and back up the list until you reach the 12 air squats. Once you get there, you come back up and you’re done!!

Da Daily D:

Part 1.) “Shoulder PUMP”

5min. of Single Arm DB Upright Rows
*Switch sides every 6-8 reps nonstop for the entire 5min. Try as hard as possible to not put the DB on the ground.

Part 2.) “Shoulders + Core Conditioning”

3min. AMRAP:
60 Double Unders
20 DB Push Press 45/30lb
Max Toes-To-Bar in remaining time

Rest 90sec. Repeat x 4 Rounds
*Score is just the TTB

*Rest as needed between sections

Full Body Aesthetics Day 13 Cycle 8:


7min. of Barbell Hip Thrust

7min. of Flat DB Bench Press

7min. of Strict Pull-Ups
*Overhand grip the entire time. No underhand grip. However, you may switch from close grip to wide grip at any time.

7min. of Single Arm DB Upright Rows
*On this one, you can NOT put the DB down the ENTIRE time. Constantly switch sides every 5-6 reps.

7min. of DB Hammer Curls
*Curling both at the same time

7min. of Banded “Push” Downs
*If you have access to a cable machine, by all means, use it!

7min. of Heavy DB weighted Sit-Ups

No matter what, your goal is to lift MORE TOTAL weight than you lifted last week. Ideally at-least 5% more. You can do that by getting more reps with the same weight as last week or by using a heavier weight and trying to get the same amount of reps. Up to you!

If you need more information on today’s piece, check last weeks description.



NO WARM UP SETS are included in any of these sets and reps, so be sure to do 1-2 sets in each section to get warm, but do not count them as “working sets” or reps in the case of Density Saturday‚Äôs.

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