Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Wed Sept 2nd 2020

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) 30min. Running Clock…
400m Run
10 Deadlifts
*Pull options of choice (pick 1 below)
** Rest 90sec. After Each Round
Pull Options:
1.) 10 Strict Pull-Ups
2.) 5 Muscle Ups
3.) 15 Kipping Pull-Ups
4.) 10 Towel Pull Ups

I need you to choose a weight on the deadlifts that you can do UNBROKEN each round, BUT is also really difficult. For most of you it will probably be in the 225-275 range for men and 155-185 range for women.

B.) Extra Credit:
Weighted Planks with a partner
3-4 Rounds:
1min. Plank with 45/35lb Plate
1min. Rest


For Time:

20 Toes-To-Hands

40 Shoulder Taps
20 Toes-To-Hands

60 Sit-Ups
40 Shoulder Taps
20 Toes-To-Hands

80 Air Squats
60 Sit-Ups
40 Shoulder Taps
20 Toes-To-Hands

100 Chair Dips
80 Air Squats
60 Sit-Ups
40 Shoulder Taps
20 Toes-To-Hands

Complete each section and go straight into the next one with no rest between. Each section adds 1 new movement. Can you finish it all under 20min??

Shoulder Taps Demo: (Left+Right= 2 reps)

Toes-To-Hands are like Up Downs, but you stay down and just jump your feet in and back out while in the plank position. It’s an ab intensive movement so bring those feet up as high as possible on each rep!


10min. to get as far as possible…
Front Rack DB Step Ups 35/20s+
Double Unders

Rest 3min.

10 min. to finish…
75 KB Squat Cleans 53/35lb.
*5 burpees every min on the min
**start with burpees

Rest 3min.

10 min. amrap:
10 Lateral Barbell Lunges 45/35lb
1 min plank of choice
15 “T-Bag” squats
1 min plank of choice

Section 1:
On the Front Rack DB Step-Ups, you stay on the same leg the whole time and split the reps. 5 and 5, then 10 and 10, and so on…

Section 2:
KB Squat Cleans:

Section 3:
Left + Right on the lunges is 2 reps.

T-Bag Squat

Da Daily D:

“Beat the Cards Dumbbell Challenge” (45/30)
Hearts – Push Press
Spades – Reverse Lunge
Clubs – Single Arm Renegade Rows Diamonds – Goblet Squat (with 1 DB) Jack – DB Power Cleans x 10
Queen – Snatch x 10 each arm
King – One Handed Swings x 10 each arm Ace – Turkish Get Up x 1 each arm
Joker (optional) – 1 Minute Rest

A fun way to randomize your workout and keep them interesting. Remove all the numbered cards from 2-5. Next shuffle the deck and turn over the top card. Depending on the number and suit you will perform that exercise for a certain amount of reps. Work your way through the full deck of cards as quickly as possible

This one i super fun to race a friend through if you have 2 decks!

Full Body Aesthetics:

Day 29 Cycle 2 Recovery week there will only be 4 workouts posted this week, take more rest days or make up days you’ve missed from past weeks.

Leg Superset:
4 Sets:
20 Landmine Lunge on each leg
Immediately into;
10 Landmine Curtsy Lunges on each leg
Rest 90sec. Between Sets

4 Sets:
15-20 Flat DB “Partial Cleavage Cutters
Rest 90sec. Between Sets.

4 Sets:
15-20 Barbell Rows with regular grip
Rest 90sec. between sets

(*Shoot for 5-10lb. heavier than last week)
15 Single DB Upright Rows on each arm. Rest 60sec. After the 2nd arm. Repeat for 4 Total Sets.

4 Sets:
Max Unbroken Reps of “feet elevated” Tricep Dips off the floor.
Rest 60sec. Between Sets
*These attack the peak of your tricep! Gets spicy quick!

3 Sets of Barbell 21’s. You made add weight if you can. Watch the video if you’re unfamiliar with 21’s. Rest 60sec. Between Sets

100 Weight Hanging Knee Raises
*Every time you have to drop off the bar, complete 10 DB Russian Twists with a 35lb. DB for men and 25lb. for women. Left+Right = 1 rep.
*Time CAP is 10min. Use a 10lb. DB for men and 5 for women on the raises.


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