Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Tues Sept 1st 2020

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) 5 Rounds:
1min. of max rep bench press (135/75)
immediately into;
1min. of max cal on the rower or bike or 200m run
2min. Rest

*Goal for men is 20-30 cals a minute. Women is 15-20 cals a minute.
*ADV 185/100
B.) Quick and Dirty (Time)
2 Rounds For Time:
50 Russian KB Swings 53/35
50 Sit-Ups (Feet anchored on KB)
100 Double unders

*CAP: 12min.
*ADV is 70/53


Part 1.) Mini Chipper Primer

For Quality NOT Time:
50 Chair Step-Ups
40 Incline Push-Ups (Arms on bench or equivalent, Feet on ground)
30 Lateral Lunges
20 Decline Push-Ups (Arms down, Feet on a bench or equivalent)
10 Reverse Burpees

Part 2.) Full Body Circuit

For As Long As Possible
From 0:00-3:00, 2 Rounds of:
10 Regular Push-Ups
10 Jumping Lunges
Then, from 3:00-6:00, 2 Rounds of:
12 Regular Push-Ups
12 Jumping Lunges
Then, from 6:00-9:00, 2 Rounds of:
14 Regular Push-Ups
14 Jumping Lunges

Add two reps to each movement every 3 minutes. Continue following the same pattern for as long as possible.

RX+ can start at 14.

Score is total reps!


EMOM x 3min.
15/12 Cal Row

EMOM x 10min. (Both in the same min.)
8 DB Power Cleans 45/30s
8 DB Push Press

EMOM x 3min.
15/12 Cal Ski Erg

EMOM x 10min. (Both in the same min.)
8 Alt. DB Snatch 45/30lb.
8 Toes-To-Bar

EMOM x 3min.
15/12 Cal Assault Bike

Rest 2min. Between Each Section

If you need to scale the cardio, be sure that it’s something that takes you about 35-40sec. each round. Otherwise that 2min. is not going to feel needed.

CHALK Online: If you do not have one of the cardio pieces, I recommend 50 double unders or 12 burpees on the min. Even a shuttle sprint option could work well here.

Da Daily D:

10 Days of quarantine!

1 – 100 Meter Run
2 – Wall Walks
3 – Thrusters 45/30s
4 – Toes to Bar
5 – Push-Ups
6 – Alt. DB Snatches 45/30
7 – Sit-Ups
8 – Jumping Lunges
9 – Pull-Ups
10 – Shoulder to Overhead 45/30s

First you will complete:
100m Run

2 Wall Walks
100m Run

3 Thrusters
2 Wall Walks
100m Run

4 Toes-To-Bar
3 Thrusters
2 Wall Walks
100m Run

AND SO ON… Until you make it all the way to the 10 Shoulder to Overhead and all the way back down! This is formatted after the ever popular 12 days of Christmas style. ENJOY!

Full Body Aesthetics: Day 28 Cycle 2 Recovery week there will only be 4 workouts posted this week, take more rest days or make up days you’ve missed from past weeks.

4 Sets of 5 Deadlifts (as heavy as possible). Rest 2-3min. Between Sets

8-10 Incline DB Bench Press with a 40X40 Tempo. Rest 90sec. Repeat For 4 Total Sets.
(Tempo is 4 seconds down, 0sec. at the bottom, 4 seconds up, 0 sec. at the top. Each rep takes 8 seconds.)

10min. to get as many Strict Pull-Ups as possible. You may switch your grip at any time.
*If you can not do many pull-ups than try to put a setup like this together:

4 Sets of 10-12 Arnold Presses. Rest 90sec. Between Sets.

4 Sets of 12-15 Incline Single DB Skull Crushers. Rest 60sec. Between Sets.

4 Sets of 12-15 Supinated DB Curls (Heavy as possible). Rest 60sec. Between Sets.

Calves + Abs:
4 Sets with no rest:
1min. of Bodyweight Calf Raises
Immediately into;
1min. of Weighted Seated Knee Tucks

This week is a RECOVERY week! If you have been following this for the last month, it’s time to have a down week and then come back HARD next week. If you want to do some bodyweight stuff or cardio on your off days that’s fine, but LEAVE the weights alone! Trust me, it’s for the best and your motivation will be higher than ever next week. These down weeks are crucial for motivation, strength, and muscle growth.

Recovery Weeks are all about doing LESS volume, so instead of having you come in for 2 sets per exercise for the day or cutting the weight back significantly… I like to structure it as a normal day, but with more rest days. Gives you extra time to enjoy outdoor stuff or catch up on life stuff. I know it’s hard for some of you, but trust me… Not having these, is why you plateau 😉

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