Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Tues Aug 25th 2020

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) 20 min Posterior Chain Superset:
10-12 rep on each leg Single Leg Landmine Lunge
immediately into;
8-10 DB or Barbell RDL’s
REST 90sec.

Landmine Lunge:


B.) 12min. AMRAP:
8 Wall Balls 20/14lb
8 American KB Swings 70/53lb
30 Double Unders

*Add 2 reps to the Wall Balls and KB Swings after every round. Round 2 is 10s, Round 3 is 12s, and so on… The dubs always stay at 30.


3 Parts Today 🙂

Part 1) Bodyweight Conditioning:
Tabata Mountain Climbers
40sec. of WORK x 20sec. of REST x 8 rounds.

Rest 90sec. When Finished and start this;

Part 2) Bodyweight Strength Piece:
1min. of Elevated Curtsy Lunges (right)
1min. of Single Leg Glute Bridges (right)
1min. of Elevated Curtsy Lunges (left)
1min. of Single Leg Glute Bridges (Left)
1min. of REST

Repeat that strength section for 3 full rounds. **Use a 40X0 Tempo

When part 2 is done rest 90sec. (Including the 1min. that’s in there) and start the core piece below:

Part 3) Bodyweight Core Only:
3 Rounds:
10 Toes To Hands
15 Reverse Sit-Ups
20 Regular Sit-Ups
25 Russian Twists
Rest 60sec. After Each Round

Toes to hands are essentially an “up down” except you don’t stand up. You just stay low and pop you feet in and out.

Elevated Curtsy Lunges:


3 Rounds: (40sec. on 20 sec. off)

Station 1.)Max Double Unders
Station 2.) 12/9 Cal Row
Station 3.) Plank
Station 4.) Max Burpees
Station 5.) DB Push Press 50/35
Station 6.) Max Bicycle Abs
Station 7.) 15 Wall Balls 20/14
Station 8.) 12/9 Cal Assault Bike
Station 9.) Max Box Jumps 20″
Station 10.) Max KB Sumo-DLHP 70/53

Rest 2min.

*Should be able to share most equipment here, so team up.

Da Daily D:

10 Rounds For Time:
3 Devil Press 50/35s
10 Toes-To-Bar
30 Double Unders

This looks SUPER fun!

Full Body Aesthetics: Day 21 Cycle 2

High Intensity Full Body Day!

Legs: 100 Barbell Deadlifts

Chest: 100 Incline Single DB Cleavage Cutters

Back: 100 DB Bent Over Rows with this rep scheme:
40 reps right arm
40 reps left arm
30 reps right arm
30 reps left arm
20 reps right arm
20 reps left arm
10 reps right arm
10 reps left arm

Shoulders: 100 DB Seated Shoulder Press (neutral grip)

Triceps: 100 Banded Single DB Skull Crushers (flat bench) *Keep this on the lighter side. I used a 25lb DB. The increasing tension from the band catches up!

Biceps: 100 Reverse Grip Barbell Grips. (Just a 45lb. bar should be good for this one)

Abs: 100 Banded Wood Chops on each side. (Complete 2 Rounds of 50 on each side or 4 Rounds of 25 each.)

Give yourself 10min. to finish each 100 rep station. If you don’t finish in that time, it’s all good, but you need to move on. Whenever you do finish, rest 90 seconds and move onto the next station. If you pick the right weights or amount of resistance, this should take anywhere from 50-70min.

As far as weight suggestions go, I would pick something that you can do consistent sets of 8-10 reps at a time with a short break. That’s why I put the 10min. CAP though, incase you overshoot. You should have a better idea this week after completing the first cycle. (that started on 4/20/2020)

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