Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Thurs Sep 10th 2020

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) Super Swole Superset (4 Sets:)
10-12 Bench Press
Immediately into;
10-12 Barbell Bent Over Rows (Supinated Grip)
-Rest 90sec. Between Sets-

B.) 5 Rounds:
Min. 1.) 20/15 Cal Row or Bike or 200m Run
Min. 2.) 50 Double Unders
Min. 3.) Max Sit-Ups
Min. 4.) Rest

Score is just the sit-ups. I REALLY want everyone to shoot for those 20/15 cals on the cardio and the full 200m run. Hitting that is crucial for this workout today.


In Teams of 2!

Have a friend nearby or get them on FaceTime or Zoom! This is going to be a SUPER fun day!

50 Rounds:
5 Air Squats
6 Jumping Lunges
7 Push-Ups

You must compete the entire round before your partner can go! You will both be doing 25 rounds each!

Need to scale it? Or want to do it with a friend who doesn’t have much training experience? No problem! Just have them do 3/4/5 or even 2/3/4 on the reps! You keep yours as is 🙂

Have fun!


15min AMRAP:
7 Cal Assault Bike
7 “Heel Elevated” DB Goblet Squats 70/50
7 Burpees

Rest 3min.

15min AMRAP:
10 DB Power Cleans 45/30s
15 Box Jumps 24/20″
200m run

Extra credit:
3 rounds
15-20 (each) Banded wood chops
immediately into;
1 min. Weighted Plank

Da Daily D:

“Fight Gone Bad with DBs”

3 Rounds, For Total Reps in 17 minute:

1 minute DB Goblet Squats
1 minute Toes-To-Bar
1 minute DB Push Press
1 minute Double unders
1 minute of 10m Shuttle Sprints
1 minute Rest

Perform 1 minute of work at each of the 5 stations. Move immediately to the next station after 1 minute. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. One-minute break is allowed before repeating each round. One point is given for each rep,

Few thing to know:
1.) DB Goblet Squats is 1 DB only

2.) DB Push Press is both DBs at the same time!

3.) Make sure you can see a clock for the 10m Sprints! Each 10M is a rep. These are actually NASTY.

Should be a fun one! Put your score in! Weights are 45/30s

Full Body Aesthetics:

8-10 Single Leg RDL’s on each leg (barbell). Rest 90sec. Repeat for 4 Total Sets.

8-10 Barbell Incline Bench Press. Rest 90sec. Repeat for 4 Total Sets

12-15 Barbell Bent Over Rows (supinated) Rest 90sec. Repeat for 4 Total Sets.

50 Barbell Strict Press
40 Barbell Strict Press
30 Barbell Strict Press
20 Barbell Strict Press
10 Barbell Strict Press
*Rest 60sec. Between Sets
*Go up in weight after each set
*Start LIGHT. You set as a male may be like this: 65/75/85/95/105
*It’s ok if you break a few times, it’s expected, just keep it short.

Bicep/Triceps: (Use videos 1 and 2 in the link below)
12-15 Banded Single DB Bicep Curls
Immediately into;
12-15 Banded Double DB Tricep Extensions
Rest 60sec. Repeat for 4 Total Sets

As fast as possible…
40 CrossBody Toe Taps
40 Sit-Ups
30 CrossBody Toe Taps
30 Sit-Ups
20 CrossBody Toe Taps
20 Sit-Ups
10 CrossBody Toe Taps
10 Sit-Ups

Toe Tap Demo:

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