Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Thurs Aug 6th 2020

Tailgating, drinks, line dancing ya know a good ole time!

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) As Many Rounds As Possible in 25min.
5 Heavy Front Squats
immediately into;
5 Weighted Chin-Ups (underhand grip)
immediately into;
50 Double Unders
Rest 90sec.

*Little slower paced bodybuilding style day. Gotta have these days to give your CNS a rest. This is still a HELL of a workout if you challenge yourself on the movements.

*I want you to CLEAN the weight off the ground! Should be a pretty spicy clean. If you absolutely can not clean something that would be hard for you for 5 squats, then you can use a rack.

*If you can not do weighted pull-ups please use this option for 10 reps:

B.) 10min. To Finish….
30 Plate Sit-Ups
30 Reverse Plate Sit-Ups (35/25lb.)
Rest 60sec.
20 Plate Sit-Ups
20 Reverse Plate Sit-Ups (35/25lb.)
Rest 30sec.
10 Plate Sit-Ups
10 Reverse Plate Sit-Ups (35/25lb.)

Advanced would be to add 10lbs. for each new set. For men, you would start at 35lbs., then 45lbs., then end on 55lbs.

Plate Sit-Up + Reverse Sit-up Demo:


For Time:

“Buy in”
50 Bodyweight Reverse lunges
30 Hollow Rocks


– Accumulate a 10min. Plank Hold AND a 10min. Wall Sit. (You have to do both and whichever one you start with, you must finish before going to the other. NO back and forth. That’s too easy.)

BUT…EVERY TIME You Have To Rest, YOU MUST Complete the following;

20 Skater Lunge with floor tap (L+R=2)
20 Alternating Chair Step-Ups (L+R=2)
5 Burpees

To clarify….

Do the buy in… Then immediately go into the plank or the wall sit. If you break, you owe a penalty round of the Lunges, Step-ups, and burpees. As soon as your done, keep chipping away at the plank or wall sit. Once you finish either one you can go to the other. The penalty remains the same for both.

This may take around 40+min. to finish. However, the format is different and just a down right fun challenge 🙂

Chair Step Up Demo:

Skater Lunge Demo:

Hollow Rock Demo:

KEEP your wall sits at 90 degrees! NO cheating!


“Thursday Chipper”

For time:

1000m Row
50 Single Arm DB Push Press 50/35 (25ea arm)
1 Mile Assault Bike
50 Renegade Rows (25ea arm)
150 Double Unders
50 Single Arm DB Push Press 45/30 (25ea arm)
1 Mile Assault Bike
50 Renegade Rows (25ea arm)
1000m Row

.7 Mile Bike for ladies. Row distance stays the same. Try for 45/30s on the renegade row if you can. You can do all 25 on 1 side before switching to help with balance. Gunna be burnin that core for sure 🙂

Da Daily D:

“Fight Gone Bad with DBs”

3 Rounds, For Total Reps in 17 minute:

1 minute DB Goblet Squats
1 minute Toes-To-Bar
1 minute DB Push Press
1 minute Double unders
1 minute of 10m Shuttle Sprints
1 minute Rest

Perform 1 minute of work at each of the 5 stations. Move immediately to the next station after 1 minute. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. One-minute break is allowed before repeating each round. One point is given for each rep,

Few thing to know:
1.) DB Goblet Squats is 1 DB only

2.) DB Push Press is both DBs at the same time!

3.) Make sure you can see a clock for the 10m Sprints! Each 10M is a rep. These are actually NASTY.

Should be a fun one! Put your score in! Weights are 45/30s

Full Body Aesthetics: Day 3 Cycle 2

10-12 Barbell Hip Thrust
Immediately into;
15-20 Banded Abductors (on each leg)
Rest 90sec. Repeat for 3 Total Sets.

Chest + Back Superset:
2 Sets:
15 Flat DB Bench Press
15 Chin-Ups (Underhand Grip)
Immediately into;
2 Sets:
12 Flat DB Bench Press
12 Chin-Ups
Immediately into;
2 Sets:
9 Flat DB Bench Press
9 Chin-Ups

*I used 70s on the DB Bench and it was perfect. You should be shooting for a finish time of 10-12min.

3 Sets of 15-20 Barbell Upright Rows
Rest 90sec. After Each Set.

4 Sets of max effort (feet elevated) dips
Rest 60sec. After Each Set

3 Sets of 12-15 (each arm) Standing Alternating DB Curls.

“Tabata” DB Russian Twists

8 Rounds: (4min. Total)
20 seconds of Work
10 seconds of Rest
**Using a 25-35lb. DB

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