Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Sat Oct 31st 2020

Strength & Conditioning:

“I Go, You Go” style”

30 Rounds For Time:
9 Cal Row
6 Pull-Ups
3 Devil Press 50/35s

*15 Rounds EACH
*Time Cap: 35min.

*ADV Option: 1-3 Muscle Ups instead of Pull-Ups. The difference between 1 and 3 is a lot, but if you’re really good at them 3 should be solid. If you can do them, but not great 1 or 2 might be perfect. I just want you to be able to walk up to them and not have to rest at all and do your number unbroken every time.  You and your partner that is. If you have to rest or break them up, it’s too many.

Can you finish?!


Part 1.)

“Death by 10 meter sprints”

Minute 1.) One 10m Sprint
Minute 2.) Two 10m Sprints
Minute 3.) Three 10m Sprints
… And so on until you fail.

This is actually REALLY tough once you get to around Minute 10. Have fun!

Part 2.) Full Body Circuit

Accumulate a 3min. Hollow Body Hold
Immediately go into;
100 Air Squats
Immediately go into;
Another 3min. Hollow Body Hold
Immediately go into;
100 Regular Push-Ups
Immediately go into;
Your last 3min. Hollow Body Hold
Immediately go into;
10 Wall Walks

(*If you break on the hollow holds it’s ok, just try and have a short rest and get back on it! Inevitably everyone will break at some point)


35 min to finish…
Wall Balls (20/14)
Calories of choice
Box Jumps 24/20″
*400m Run after each round

For the calories of choice you may choose between a row, Assault Bike, or ski erg. You can even change the piece every round if you want today!

Da Daily D:

10 Rounds:
10 DB Lunges 45/30s
10 DB Russian Twists 45/30
50 Double Unders
Rest 30sec.

Time CAP: 20min.
*Try and stay unbroken on everything. If you know you won’t be able to do that going into it, then scale it right off the bat.
*Score is slowest round
*Left + Right on Twists = 1 rep
*Left + Right on Lunges = 2 reps

Full Body Aesthetics: Day 20 Cycle 4

High Intensity Full Body Day

100 Narrow Stance DB Deadlifts (heavy as possible) *Use a tempo if you only have light weights

100 High Band Fly’s on EACH arm (200 total. Technique on these are key so watch the video)

100 Banded Straight Arm Pull-Downs

100 DB Upright Rows

100 Palm up bicep curls (2 DBs) *On the lighter side for this one. Gets spicy quick

100 Tricep Dips off a bench (weighted if possible)

Abs: “100 rep BURNER
25 Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
25 Toes-To-Bar
25 Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
25 Toes-To-Bar
**(Add a 10lb DB or a band for extra resistance)

Give yourself 10min. to finish each 100 rep station. If you don’t finish in that time, it’s all good, but you need to move on. Whenever you do finish, rest 90 seconds and move onto the next station. If you pick the right weights or amount of resistance, this should take anywhere from 50-70min.

As far as weight suggestions go, I would pick something that you can do consistent sets of 8-10 reps at a time with a short break. That’s why I put the 10min. CAP though, incase you overshoot. You should have a better idea this week after completing the last few weeks.

High Band Fly Demo: (2nd video)

Palm up bicep curls (2 DBs):

Weighted Knee Raises:

Tricep Dips Demo:

DB Upright Rows:

Narrow Stance DB Deadlifts:

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