Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Mon July 6th 2020

Want some cool shots like this?! We will have a photographer at these classes this week!


Strength & Conditioning:

A.) Repeat Sets Until the 18min. Mark. Build in weight on both movements for each set.
6-8 reps on each leg Bulgarian Split Squat
10 Lateral Barbell Lunges on EACH side
Rest 90sec.
B.) Every 3min x 5 Rounds:
10/8 Cal Assault Bike or 8/6 Cal Row or 100m Run
10 Push Jerks 115/75
10 Toes-To-Bar
10 Front SquatsADV is adding reps each time. See how far you can get. 10,11,12,13 and so on… Write what you complete in the comments.

ADV+ is 135/95

Your score is going to be the # you finished. So if you finish RX your score is 10. For RX+ write in the highest round you finished. You may not sit out a round. You must complete the minimum of 10 reps.

We did one of these a few weeks back. Catches up quick 😉


Part 1.) Cardio + Core
Needed: Socks and a slick foor

20sec. of Sliding mountain climbers
10sec. REST
20sec. of Sliding Pikes
10sec. Rest

Repeat for 4 total rounds. (4min.)

Part 2.) 2 Part Conditioning Circuit:

A.) For Time:
100 Burpees
*Every minute on the minute do 15 air squats

Time Cap: 10min. (Rest as needed between)

B.) For Time:
150 Air Squats
*Every minute on the minute do 5 Burpees


4 Rounds: “Half Manion”
25/18 Cal Assault Bike
29 Back Squats 95/65

3 Rounds:
1min. of Barbell Curls 45/35lb bar
1min. of DB Skull Crushers
1min. Rest

5min. AMRAP:
5 Plate Sit-Ups (25/15lb.)
5 Reverse Plate Sit-Ups

Da Daily D:

12min. AMRAP:
10 DB Front Squats 45/30s
5 Toes To Bar
10 DB Lunges 45/30s
5 Toes To Bar

Rest 2min.

For time:
100 Hip Thrusts with 45/30lb. DB on you lap. Hold each rep for 1 solid second at the top.

Butts and Guts kinda day. I know the hip thrusts may seem kinda lame, but they are going to make your bum seriously sore and def help you make some gains, trust me!

Full Body Aesthetics:

Legs: 1min. of DB Deadlifts with a 20X0 Tempo
Rest 1min. After Each Set. Repeat for 3 Total Sets

Chest + Back Superset:
2 Sets of:
15 Neutral Grip Floor Press
15 Strict Regular Grip Pull-Ups
immediately into;
2 Sets of:
10 Neutral Grip Floor Press
10 Strict Regular Grip Pull-Ups
immediately into;
2 Sets of:
5 Neutral Grip Floor Press
5 Strict Regular Grip Pull-Ups

Shoulders: 1min. of Neutral Grip DB Shoulder Press (If you start to fail, go into a push press)
Rest 1min. After Each Set. Repeat for 3 Total Sets

Biceps + Triceps Superset:
4 Sets: (Nice controlled movement)
1min. of Max Reps Bicep Curls (Holding 1 DB sideways)
immediately into;
1min. of Max Reps Skull Crushers (Holding 1 DB sideways)
Rest 1min.

2min. Running Clock…
1min. Plank on your hands
immediately into;
Max Sit-Ups in remaining time
Rest 15sec.
Repeat for 4 Total Rounds

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