Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D, Full Body Aesthetics WODs Fri July 17th 2020

The outdoor area is ready for classes! Let’s kick some Covid butt and keep on rollin!

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) 5 Rounds:
3 Power Cleans
Immediately into;
300m Row or Run or 0.3 mile bike AS HARD AS YOU CAN!
Rest 2min. Between Rounds

1.) I want you first set of cleans to be like 70-75% effort, so heavy. Singles with good form. No touch and goes.
2.) You don’t need to sprint to the rower, but get there quick and absolutely SMASH it.
3.) Score is your slowest row, run or bike.
4.) The heavier you clean,  the easier that row is going to feel 😉
B.) 3 Sets:
15 Barbell or DB Hip Thrusts (Building)
200 Meter Double KB Carry*
Rest 90sec. between sets

*** On the Double KB Carry:
Meters 0-100 – Left KB in Front Rack, Right KB in Hang
Meters 101-200 – Right KB in Front Rack, Left KB in Hang

15min. to finish this butts and guts section 🙂

We did this 2nd part here a month back. Goal is to try something a little heavier on the carries this time.



50 Bulgarian Split Squats with a 30X0 Tempo

30sec. of Seated Ab Circles
30sec. of Drunken Mountain Climbers
30sec. of Seated Ab Circles (other direction)

Rest 30sec.

30sec. of Star Plank (right)
30sec. of Starfish Sit-Ups
30sec. of Star Plank (left)

Rest 30sec.

30sec. of Bicycle Abs
30sec. of Heel Touches
30sec. of Russian Twists

Rest 30sec.

50 Bulgarian Split Squats with a 20X0 Tempo

*Same Ab Sequence as above

50 Bulgarian Split Squats with no tempo. Just get them done

Total, you’re doing the split squats 3 times and the ab sequence 2 times. Looks more complicated than it actually is.

Here’s a bunch of video demos because there are some weird names in there.

Bulgarian Split Squats:

Seated Ab Circles:

Drunken Mountain Climbers:

Starfish Sit-Ups:

Star Planks:

Heel Touches:

Bicycle Abs:


50 Back Squats 95/65
40 Russian KB Swings 53/35
30 Push-Ups
50 “A” Squats
40 Russian KB Swings 53/35
30 Push-Ups
50 Back Rack Lunges 95/65
40 Russian KB Swings 53/35
30 Push-Ups
50 “A” Squats
40 Russian KB Swings 53/35
30 Push-Ups

15min. AMRAP:
10 Pull-Ups
10 Calorie Bike
50 Double Unders
*Add 2 Cals and 2 Pull-Ups After Each Round. The Double Unders Stay The Same.

*Lateral Lunges are Left + Right = 2 reps

*If you are not done with part one at around the 18min. mark, consider stopping to get ready for part B.

“A” Squat Demo:

Da Daily D:

EMOM x 5min.
12/9 Cal Bike
EMOM x 5min.
10 TTB + 5 Burpees
EMOM x 5min.
12/9 Cal Row
EMOM x 5min.
7 DB Power Cleans 45/30 + 5 Burpees

Rest 5min.

10min. Ladder…
10 KB Swings 53/35
10 Push-Ups
15 KB Swings
15 Push-Ups
20…20…25…25… and so on…

Full Body Aesthetics: Day 19

10-12 DB Hack Squat against a wall or with foam roller (linked below). Rest 90sec. Repeat for 4 Total Sets.

Chest + Back Superset:
1min. of Incline Single DB Cleavage Cutters
Immediately into;
1min. of Regular Pull-Ups (wide grip)
90sec. Rest. Repeat for 3 Total Sets

Bicep Tricep SuperSet:
2 Rounds with no rest between:
30sec. of Banded Tricep Pulldowns w/ Pipe or Broomstick
30sec. DB Bicep Isometric hold at 90 degrees (1 DB in each hand held in the hammer position)

*That’s 1 set. No rest 1min. and repeat for 3 total sets.

Max DB Front Raises
Immediately into;
Max Banded Pull Aparts (Palms Up versus down like we usually do)
Rest 90sec. Repeat for 3 Total Sets

100 Seated DB Calf Raises
*Go at a pace that keeps good form and go slower if you only have very light weights. If you never lift calves, then maybe only do 50 of these because you will get SUPER sore.

DB Hack Squat:

Seated DB Calf Raises

Single DB Cleavage Cutters: (Same, but with a 30 degree incline)

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