Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat and Da Daily D WODs Tues June 16th 2020

Big things coming for us everyone! We are distancing outselves from the CrossFit name since their insensitivity to current events. You’ll be seeing us gradually changing things over the next few weeks and months, if you have any questions please let me know.
We are completely open now and recovering from the shutdown.  Newest regulations have made things a bit more flexible on us and classes are now 11 people max.  You will also see some other new changes in the gym, your coach will explain anything you don’t understand. Please continue to preregister for classes you shouldn’t have a problem making it into a class.  Keep in mind there is a $5 cancellation fee if you do not cancel yourself out of class 3 hours before it starts.

Strength & Conditioning:

A.) Deadlift Recovery Week
Every 5min. x 4 rounds:
500m Row, or 0.4 mile bike or 400m Run
20 Wall Balls (20/14lb.)
Round 1.) 5 Deadlifts @30% of 1RM
Round 2.) 5 Deadlifts @40% of 1RM
Round 3.) 5 Deadlifts @40% of 1RM
Round 4.) 5 Deadlifts @50% of 1RM

Hit the cardio with about 80-85% effort. Should be around 1:45-1:50 for men and about 2:05 range for women.
B.) 10min. AMRAP:
Russin KB Swings 70/53lb
DB Russian Twists 35/25lb.
Sit-Ups (anchored)
*You will not finish this, but get as far as you can.
*Left + Right = 1 on Twists
*Feet will be anchored under DB handle or around KB


Grab A Chair!
For Time:
Feet Elevated Dips Off The Floor
Split Lunges Off The Chair (L+R=2)**
Feet Elevated Sit-Ups (Feet on chair)

** On the Split Squats there is a 30X0 Tempo! (3 seconds down, 0sec at the bottom, explode up, 0sec. at the top, 3 sec. back down)

Elevated Dips Demo:

Split Lunges Demo:

Feet elevated sit-ups:


Every 7min. x 5 rounds:
15/12 Cal Bike
15/12 Cal Row
200m Run
15 Toes-To-Bar
10 Push Press 95/65+

LONG breather today! Try to finish each round as fast as possible and rest the remainder of the time. Advanced 20/15 cals

I don’t usually program heavy weights for Sweat but, if you want, you can try 135/95 on those push presses.

Da Daily D:

For Quality, but also moving quick!
DB Bent Over Row Right Arm (50/35)
DB Bench Press Right Arm
DB Bent Over Row Left Arm
DB Bench Press Left Arm
DB Bicep Curls (using 1 DB)
DB Tricep Extensions (using 1 DB)

*If you have more DBs at your disposal, you can do something a little heaver for the bench and rows (like 70/50) and maybe something a little lighter for the curls and triceps (like 45/25).

*If somehow you finish quick, then just make it an AMRAP and go until the 20min. Mark. (building from 1 back UP to 10)

This looks so fun! Pumped for you.. Literally 😉

Bicep and Tricep Demo: (2nd and 3rd video without the band)

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