Strength & Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat and Da Daily D WODs Sat June 20th 2020

Big things coming for us everyone! We are distancing outselves from the CrossFit name since their insensitivity to current events. You’ll be seeing us gradually changing things over the next few weeks and months, if you have any questions please let me know.

Strength & Conditioning:

In Teams of 2:
Death By Power Cleans + 300/225 Cal Assault Bike or Row
Partner 1:
300/225 Cal Assault Bike
Partner 2:
1 Power Clean
2 Power Clean
3 Power Clean
… And so on…

Partner 1 starts on the bike and accumulates as many calories as possible – while Partner 2 performs 1 Power Clean – after 60 seconds, partners switch.

Partner 1 goes for 2 Power Cleans while Partner 2 rides the bike.

Add 1 Power Clean per minute until you can not finish the given reps anymore or you reach 300/225 Calories.⁠

If for any reason you finish before 20min…. Perform as many deadlifts as possible until the 20min. Mark.

ADV 155/105
ADV+ 185/135?



No Mo Junk in da Trunk Saturday!

For Time:
100 “Shredders”

Advanced: 150 reps (insert whoa face)

Remember your time the last time you did this one? Let’s see if you can go a little faster or maybe do it outside in a pretty place somewhere πŸ™‚

Shredders Demo:


Saturday Sweat Fest πŸŽ‰

For time: (35min. CAP)
100 Air Squats
90 Calories
80 Push-ups
70 Calories
60 DB Push Press 45/30s
50 Calories
40 DB Russian Twists 45/30s
30 Calories
20 Devil Press 45/30s
10 Calories

*You can pick whatever you want to use for the calories today. And you may change cardio pieces at any time.

*Try and keep the DB weight the same for all movements.

*Russian Twists are: L+R = 1 rep

Da Daily D:

“Annie’s Got A Gun”
For Time:
Double Unders
DB Power Cleans 30/20s

One of my all time favs!

Have a partner? Double the #s and go “Team” style! We’ve done that before in Strength & Conditioning class and people loved it!

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