Strength and Conditioning, Bodywork, Sweat, Da Daily D and Full Body Aesthetics WODs Fri June 26th 2020

Big things coming for us everyone! We are distancing ourselves from the CrossFit name since their insensitivity to current events. You’ll be seeing us gradually changing things over the next few weeks and months, if you have any questions please let me know.


Strength & Conditioning:

A.) Snatch Complex:
10 Sets: Every 90 seconds
1 Snatch Deadlift
1 Hang Snatch High Pull
1 Low-Hang Power Snatch
1 Power Snatch
B.) 8 Rounds: (21 min time cap)
8 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Jerks 70/50 (one DB)
8 Toes To Bar
8 SDHP’s 115/75
8 Lateral Burpees Over The Bar
8/7 Cal Assault Bike or 6/5 Cal Row, or 100m Run

Deceivingly harder than it looks.

*DB Hang Clean and Jerks are 4 each side.


10 Pistol Squats

10 Pistol Squats
25 Decline Push-Ups

10 Pistol Squats
25 Decline Push-Ups
50 Straight Leg Sit-Ups

10 Pistol Squats
25 Decline Push-Ups
50 Straight Leg Sit-Ups
100 Crossbody Toe Touches (in plank position)

10 Pistol Squats
25 Decline Push-Ups
50 Straight Leg Sit-Ups
100 Crossbody Toe Touches (in plank position)
150 Reps of (50 Air Squats, 50 Reverse Lunges, and 50 Jumping Lunges)

Complete each section and go straight into the next one with no rest between. Each section adds 1 new movement. Can you finish it all under 20min??

Pistol Demo:
Need to scale? Squat on one leg to a chair and sit back up!

Decline Push-Ups:

Straight Leg Sit-Ups:

Toe Touches (in plank):


100 Double Unders
50 American KB Swings 53/35
40 Push-Ups
30 Goblet Squats with the KB

3 Rounds:
500m Row
400m Run

30 Goblet Squats with the KB
40 Push-Ups
50 American KB Swings 53/35
100 Double Unders

If you’re REALLY good at pull-ups and push-ups, you can try 50 of each as an advanced option

Da Daily D:

For Time:
1,200 meter Run
30 Devil Press 25/15s
800 meters Run
20 Devil Press 25/15s
400 meters Run
10 Devil Press 25/15s

Time Cap: 20 minutes

Feel free to make it extra brutal with heavier DBs like 45/30s but it’s a lot of reps so I chose DBs that were on the lighter end.

LOVE this workout though, so put your time in so I can see them!

Full Body Aesthetics:

Legs: DB Spilt Squats (3×10 on ea. leg)
Chest: High Band Single Arm Fly (3 x Max Effort on ea. side)
Back: Single Arm DB Rows (3×10 on ea. arm)
Shoulders: Arnold Press (3×10. Both DBs pressing at the same time)
Biceps: Single DB Bicep Curl (3×10-15)
Triceps: Single DB Overhead Extension (3×10-15)
Abs: DB Russian Twists (3×15-20). On every rep, complete a full stop and do not bounce it.

No supersets for any of the movements above. Just Stay on that movement for all sets and reps and take a 60-90sec. rest after each set. ONLY working sets count. Everyone will most likely have 1-2 warm-up sets to get the muscles warm and moving.

*If you need more resistance on the weights, you can easily have an anchor point and use the bands. Or you can put a little more time under tension and go slower throughout the movements.

Here’s a few video links for unclear movements:

Bicep Curl and Tricep Ext Demo:

High Band Fly Demo: (2nd video)

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