Saturday June 8th 2019 CrossFit, Sweat and HIBB Workouts

Click the photo to see the coolest promo video ever!  It’s back, our in house competition is coming July 13. Ready your swolemate, 1st WOD released and registration opens June 10th.


35min. running clock…
2 Rounds:
Row 1000m (250m intervals)
50 Push Jerks 135/95
30 Burpees
immediately into;
AMRAP in remaining time…
Row 1000m (250m intervals)
50 Deadlifts 225/155
30 HSPU’s
*Round 2: 50 Deadlifts 275/185
*Round 2: 50 Deadlifts 315/205

*Round 2 On Push Jerks: 50 Push Jerks 155/105


35min. to Finish…
40 SDHP’s 95/65lb
400m Run
40 Push Press 95/65lb.
400m Run
40 Front Squat 95/65lbs.
400m Run
40 Hand Release Push-Ups
400m Run
40 Pull-Ups
400m Run
40 Thrusters 95/65lb bar
400m Run

A little harder format then usual with the bar, but you can scale all of this to a 70/53lb KB for the SDHP’s and 45/30lb DBs for everything else if you like!


A.) EMOM for 10 min (both in the same minute)
3 Power Cleans (touch and go as heavy as possible 225/135?)
10 GHD Sit Ups
*This should be really hard if you go heavy enough, keep your equipment close by.

Rest 5-10 min

B.) 4 Rounds
6-8 Barbell Bench Press (heavy as possible)
immediately into:
1 min max kipping pull ups
Rest 2 min after each round

Rest 5 min

C.) 3 Rounds
8-10 Incline DB Bench Press (heavy as possible)
immediately into:
1 min max reps Russian Twists with 5 lb plate
Rest 2 min.


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