Recipe of the week Simple Taco Bowl


  • 1-2 Lbs Ground Turkey or Lean Ground Beef (I recommend going super lean on your meat here so you can add fats as toppings like avocado and cheese)
  • Taco seasoning (Trader Joe’s is AMAZING, I highly recommend it but the Frontera one from Sprouts is also really good, I like the one for beef tacos) 
  • 1 package of Spinach or Spring Mix
  • 1 box Spanish Rice (or you can make regular rice and add mexican seasoning)
  • 1 can corn or package frozen corn
  • 1 can black beans
  • Non-fat Plain Greek Yogurt (for topping, you’ll use it like sour cream)
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 package Grated Mexican Cheese



  • Step 1: Add a little non-stick spray to a large skillet over med heat and brown your meat (that just means break it apart and stir it around until its not raw anymore).
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions on your spanish rice box or just make some regular white rice and add 2 TBSP of mexican seasoning to the water.
  • Step 3: Heat up the beans and corn by either microwaving them in a separate bowl or in a pot over the stove.
  • Build your bowl.  I like to start with the spring mix, then meat, then rice, corn and beans.  If you are limiting fats skip the cheese and avocado, if you need less carbs and more fats add extra avocado and cheese but go easy on the rice beans and corn.
  • Enjoy!


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