Recipe of the week PALEO easy pulled pork

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Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork (Paleo, Whole30 + Keto) | The Real Simple Good Life

Macros: with 1.8lb raw shoulder roast and stubbs original BBQ sauce P:27.1 C:12.2 F:20.1

Macros: with 0.9lb chicken thighs and 0.9lb chicken breasts and stubbs original P:47.9 C:12.2 F:13  *You can also do all breasts, which is what I usually do. 



1.5-2lb pork roast (shoulder or butt – whichever is the cheapest)


about ½ jar of BBQ sauce (choose a brand with no added artificial sugar – honey, agave or molasses OK)

1 small can of pineapple juice (again, try to find no added sugar) Salt & Pepper




Make a few cuts in your pork roast and rub salt and pepper all over the roast. Place into crockpot, the fattiest side up (if you can’t tell which side this is, no biggie).

Pour BBQ sauce all over pork roast – rub it into the cuts! Make sure it gets all over the roast.


Pour the pineapple juice over the BBQ sauce & pork as a “floater.”


Set on low for 7-8 hours, or high for 4-6 hours!


When done cooking, take two forks and shred! It will fall apart!


With your pulled pork, serve a side veggie: I suggested using two squashes (acorn work well or yellow squash or zucchini). Slice them thinly and spray with grapeseed or olive oil spray, sprinkle with salt and pepper (or any other spices if you’re feeling

adventurous!). Roast at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. You can also do corn on the cob, just boil in water for 6-8 minutes until done.  Instead of butter, squeeze some fresh lime juice on it and a little bit of hot sauce, SO GOOD!

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