Recipe of the Week Lunch Roll Ups

Easy, delicious and simple and you can use your favorite ingredients.

Ashley Bogan’s LUNCH ROLL UPS

INGREDIENTS: (no macros on this one because it depends on what you use)

Slices of Deli Style Turkey


Thinly sliced red bell pepper


Jar of artichoke hearts


Dijon Mustard


Balsamic Vinegar


Black Pepper




Place your turkey on a cutting board.


Spread a bit of Dijon mustard over the turkey. Place a few slices of bell pepper and two artichoke hearts on top of the turkey.

Splash with a few drops of balsamic vinegar or hot sauce to give it some bite, and top with black pepper.


Feel free to add any ingredients to this that you have laying around! Onion, different meat, etc!


**Serve with some fruit, cottage cheese or side salad!

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