Monday June 24th 2019

YES! It’s back, our in house competition is coming July 13. Ready your swolemate, 1st WOD released and registration opens June 10th.
July 10th Join us for our clinic of the month with PT Dr Jereme to tell your lower back pain to SUCK IT! (Part 1) click the photo to register!

20min. running clock…

Max DB Floor Press 45/25s+
immediately into;
Max Pull-Ups
immediately into;
400m Run
immediately back to the bench press and repeat///

*If you can, do strict pull-ups
If you ever see a (+) sign it just means whatever you can handle. Some of you can prob use 70s on these, so I just try to shoot for the mid-ground number.

Try to pick a weight on the bench press that you’re getting about 15-20 reps on the 1st round or 2 and then never less then 10 reps.