CrossFit & Sweat WODs Jan 2nd 2020

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A.) 20min. EMOM:
Min. 1) 3 Power Snatch (climbing)
Min. 2) 15 Wall Balls

After 10min. switch to Power Clean and Jerk (Climbing)

*Goal here to start at something around 50% of your 1 rep max and slowly climb for 5 sets before switching to Clean and Jerks. If you’re feeling good, you may subtract a rep and hit heavy doubles as you get warm. Need more work on your technique rather than weight? Just do 5 reps for all minutes.

Score is your heaviest 3 rep snatch and 3 rep clean and jerk COMBINED
B.) 10 Rounds:
3 Devil Press 50/35s
30 Double Unders

Time CAP: 10min.

*I want you to really MOVE on this one! Try to blow yourself up! My guess is by the time you feel it, you’ll be close to done. Then you just gotta hang on a little longer 😉

Cool Down:

Walk 200m then

1 min each side calf smash
1 min each side


Every 2min. 8 Rounds: (Legs and Abs)

10/7 Cals Assault Bike “buy in” for each round
Round 1.) 14 Front Squats 95/65
Round 2.) 20 Sit-Ups
Round 3.) 14 Front Rack Lunges
Round 4.) 1min. Plank
Round 5.) 14 Back Squats
Round 6.) Star Plank (30sec. each side)
Round 7.) 25 Air Squats
Round 8.) 20 Reverse Sit-Ups

That’s 16min…. Rest 5min and repeat on the row.

I need you to be done around 1:40 for this to really work. If you go over that time you may not be able to have enough time to finish some of this stuff. It takes about 10-15sec. just to get off the bike and get to the station. Scale a few reps or cals if you have to.

*A star plank is just like a regular side plank except your top leg and arm are trying to point toward the ceiling. It’s a lot harder than it looks.


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