CrossFit & Sweat Thurs Dec 12th 2019


Coaches Trivia game, White elephant gift exchange, delicious catered food, the most beautiful photo booth you’ve ever seen and the most fun people! Be there!


A.) Three Position Snatch
Spend 20min. Working on this:
Position 1.) Above the knee
Position 2.) Below the knee
Position 3.) From the floor

*Rest 1-2min. After Each Set and keep going until clock runs out.

*Pause for 1-2sec. at each position and keep your posture tight. Shoulders should always be slightly in front of the bar. Hips at just just enough angle where you can feel it on your hamstrings.

*One of these positions will not feel natural to you and that’s why we do it. Getting through those sticky spots makes ALL the difference.

B.) 15min. to try and finish…
Muscle Snatches 75/55lb.
Box Jumps (24/20″)
immediately into;
Overhead Squats 95/65lb.
*A lot of people can’t do overhead squats, so if you’re in that category, you can do “A” Squats 🙂
*Don’t forget the weight goes up on the OHS

Cool Down:

Walk 200m then:

2 min each side


A.) (0-15min.)
3 Rounds:
25 Cal Row
25 Cal Assault Bike
25 Barbell Overhead Squats 45/35lb.

B.) (15-30min.)
200m Single Arm Farmer Carry 70/53
100 Overhead Walking Lunges 55/35lb Plate
200m Single Arm Farmer Carry 70/53

C.) (30-36min.)
90sec. Plank
90sec. of Reverse Sit-Ups
60sec. Plank
60sec. of Reverse Sit-Ups
30sec. Plank
30sec. of Reverse Sit-UpsFinish any piece early and you get rest! On the planks, stay on your elbows and squeeze your glutes! That will help engage your lower abs 🙂

On the Overhead Walking Lunges, just stay in place. Each time your knee touches the ground, it’s 1 rep. L+R= 2



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