CrossFit, Sweat & High Intensity Body Building WODs Sat Feb 15th 2020


A special Valentines day contest for our couples! Put your names and the date in the sparkly envelope at the front desk every time you workout together. Every workout together is an entry and increases your chances of winning. Remember if your person doesn’t work out here, they can always try 2 classes for free!
These are the official parking rules and you may be towed if you ignore them.


10min. AMRAP:  (You go, I go style)
10 Cal Row
3 Power Clean and Jerks 135/95

10min. AMRAP: (You go, I go style)
10 Cal Assault Bike
3 Thrusters 135/95

10min. AMRAP: (You go, I go style)
10 Burpees
3 Push Jerks 135/95

*3min. Rest Between Sections

*Teams of 2. Only 1 person works at a time. You go, I go style. You must finish an entire round before your partner goes.
*You can start on different sections so the cardio machines don’t get too backed up.
ADV is increasing weight after you and your partner complete 2 rounds each. Doesn’t have to be much. Just 5 or 10lbs. should be enough, but feel free to make bigger jumps if you and your partner are strong enough 🙂

Cool Down:

Walk 200m then

Stretch at least 30 sec each one.



A.) 20min. to finish…
50 DB Deadlifts 70/50s
40 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Wall Balls 20/14
200m Run
10 Wall Climbs
200m Run
30 Wall Balls 20/14
40 Box Jumps 24/20
50 DB Deadlifts 70/50s

Rest 5min.

B.) 2 Rounds:
1min. Plank (with weight if possible)
1min. Abmat Sit-Ups
1min. Plank
1min. Reverse Sit-Ups
1min. Rest

Ideally I don’t want anyone to actually finish part 1, but get really close. If you know you can finish then beef it up a little. (Heavier wall ball or higher box jumps)


A.) 4 Sets: 20 Barbell Walking Lunges (weight on your back)
*While walking forward ONLY, take 10 steps out and then 10 steps back to start point (You will probably have to turn around). Use a rack.
*Add weight every set after warming up to something around 60% effort. 
*After your 4th set*, complete a DROP SET: 10 Steps with heaviest weight completed (not 20 this time) Strip 10% off and do another 10 steps Strip another 10% off and do another 10 steps Strip another 10% off and finish with 20 steps 

Rest 5min. 

B.) 3 Sets: 20 Lateral Barbell Lunges (Left + Right= 2 reps)
*60-70% effort on the weight. You made add a little for each set. Just a little goes a LONG way on these. 

Rest 5min. 

C.) Every 3min. x 10 Rounds:
10 Calorie Row or Bike, or run 100m
10 Toes-To-Bar
3 Front Squats 185/135 (Off the ground)
*7 cals for women. </span

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