CrossFit, Sweat, & HIBB WODs Sat Oct 26th 2019


Teams of 2 For Time:

100 Back Squats 135/95
80 Pull-Ups
60 Shoulder To Overhead 135/95
40 Burpees

100 Front Squats 95/65
80 Pull-Ups
60 Shoulder To Overhead 96/65
40 Burpees

100 Overhead Squats 75/55
80 Pull-Ups
60 Shoulder To Overhead 75/55
40 Burpees
– Teams of 2:
– Only 1 person works at a time. – NO REST between sections.

– This is an OLD CrossFit Regionals workout from back in the day! Have Fun!

Cool Down:

Walk 400m then:

1-2min each side
Couch stretch, use an ab mat under your knee and the wall. Back knee as close to the wall as possible and keep a tight core.



Every 5min. x 7 Rounds:
400m Run
7 Devil Press 45/30s
10 Toes-To-Bar
*Feel to spice it up with a few of these options for you advanced peeps:
Option 1.) 12 TTB
Option 2.) 50/35lb DBs
Option 3.) Keep it at 45/30 and for 8 reps.
Option 4.) Combine #1 and #2


HIBB High Intensity Body Building:

A.) 10 RoundsĀ 

5 Box Back Squats 225/155
5 Sand Bag Over the Shoulder (heavy bag)
*For box squats squat to the low box, should be below parallel. Do not lose your spinal positioning when you sit down, stay in perfect position, let your hips relax, push back and explode up. Pick a load that is doable for 5 reps unbroken every time.

B.) 4 Sets:
10 Reps Back Rack or preferably Overhead Lunges if you can do those (warm up and start with something challenging and build in weight every set)
Immediately into:
1 min max sit ups (if you are savage do GHD sit ups, but only if you know how to do them correctly and have signed the waiver)
Rest 2 min

C.) Every 3 min for 5 Rounds
20/15 Cal Bike
10-15 Reps DB Bench Press 70/45+

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