CrossFit, Sweat and HIBB WODs Sat Sept 14th 2019

Last day to register is Tuesday! Click the photo to register your team! Taco party after don’t miss it!


In Teams of 2:
35min. running clock…

2 Rounds:
50 Cal Assault Bike
50 Pull-Ups
immediately into:
2 Rounds:
50 Wall Balls 30/20
50 Snatches 95/65
immediately into:
2 Rounds:
50 Burpees
50 Overhead Squats 95/65
immediately into:
50 Curtis P’s 95/65
1 Curtis P’s= 1 Power Clean + 1 Lunge On Each Leg + 1 Push Press.
*Cause a lot of you are going to wonder where “Curtis P” came from this complex is originally from a SEALFit WOD from a few years back. That’s all I know, the rest is a mystery.

Cool Down:

Walk 400m. Use the barbell to roll out your quads and thighs.  1 min each position on each leg.




A.) 30 Rounds For Time:
7 Wall Balls 20/14lb
5 Pull-Ups
3 Devil Press 35/25s
Been wanting to make something like this for a while. “Holleyman” style, but with a “Sweat” class flair 🙂

Make it nasty option:
30/20lb ball and 45/30lb DBs

This is all you’re doing today, so go hard!

A.) Every 4 min for 5 Rounds:
20/15 Assault Bike
10 Single Arm Push Press on each arm (20 total)
*You can build a little here but try and start with something heavy and hard right away.

-Rest as Needed-

B.) 100 Barbell Push Press
*use 60% of your 1 RM Strict Press
*5 Burpees every time you break

C.) Optional but awesome
3 Sets
15-20 DB Front Raise
immediately into
15-20 DB Lateral Raise
*Use a weight you will max out for those 15-20 reps


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