CrossFit & Strong WODs Wed Nov 28th 2019

We are being tented over thanksgiving so the gym will be closed for a few days. Please check our instagram during that time as our coaches may be doing workouts at various outdoor locations on those days you can join in on (beach, track, park…) Fun!
Lower body CARs coming at cha! Click the photo to get registered, you don’t want to miss this one!
White elephant gift exchange, delicious catered food, the most beautiful photo booth you’ve ever seen and the most fun people! Be there!


A.) 5 Rounds:
3 Power Cleans (climbing)
Immediately into;
3 Bench Press (climbing)
Immediately into;
Sprint! 20/15 Cal Bike, 15/10 Cal Row or 100m Run
*Rest 2min. After each set
*Score is your slowest sprint.
*Weights lifted will be logged in the next section.

I really need you to go hard on those lifts. Start with something that’s challenging right away and keep climbing. I need all the reps to be unbroken, but if you do happen to break, then still finish the left over reps anyway. Team up with a few other people who share the same (ish) weights. The sprint at the end IS CRUCIAL also. Without a good go on that, this is not that difficult.

B.) 10min. EMOM:
Odd: Max Toes-To-Bar
Even: Max DB Russian Twists 30/20lb.
Ab burner for the metcon today. Try and stop at about 45sec. so you don’t burn out too early.


Cool Down:

Walk 200m then:

Stretch at least 30 sec each one.


Wednesday 11/27 
Lower (Ham/Glute Dom) and Core
Part A and B repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress

A. “Stop” Deadlift (means brief stop/pause on ground versus “touch n go” reps)
Week 2 = 3 sets of 7 reps

B. Barbell Hip Thrusts
Week 2 = 3 sets of 12 reps

C. Barbell Good Mornings
Reps 15-12-9 (increasing weight)

D. 2 Rounds:
16-20 Lunges (alternating legs, DB/KB in each hand)
8-15 Ring/TRX Plank Sprawls (scale on knees)
Rest 1-2 min
16-20 Box Step-ups (alternating legs, DB/KB on each shoulder)
8-15 Ab Pikes on Rings or Rower
Rest 1-2 min then begin second round

E. Farmers Walk
Goal to use HALF your BW in each hand (200# person holds 100# per hand)
Max distance unbroken
Then rest and return the weights to their home (resting as much as needed along the way)


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