CrossFit & Strong WODs Wed July 24th 2019

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A.) Deadlift (Week 1 of 4)

Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x max reps

*In between each set complete 3 strict CHIN ups. Add weight here if you can. Use a belt with KBs or Plates. If you are going light, a 10 or 15 lb. plate between your legs works well.

B. 3min. AMRAP:
6 Cal Assault Bike or 6 30 ft Shuttle Sprint
6 Front Rack Lunges 95/65

3min. AMRAP:
6 Pull-Ups
6 Front Squats 95/65

3min. AMRAP:
6 Cal Bike or 6 30 ft Shuttle Sprint
6 Front Rack Lunges 95/65

3min. AMRAP:
6 Pull-Ups
6 Front Squats 95/65

1min. Rest After Each Section.
*Ideally everyone bikes at some point here today.  Start people off at different sections so that everyone gets a chance to use the bike.  I would like to not sub for rowing but we may have to for bigger classes.



Wednesday 7/24
Upper Body Hypertrophy
No necessary specific metric-tracking for hypertrophy day
A. Push-ups – 3 sets of Max Reps @ 31X1 tempo
The goal is to achieve 10-20 reps on each of these three sets.
Therefore, it’s important to choose the PROPER VARIATION for your levelHardest = Feet elevated, parallettes or Rings, with weight-vest
Easiest = Hands elevated on box, bench or barbell in squat rack***There are many variations between the Hardest and Easiest examples
***Reminder that 31X1 means:
3-seconds to descend, 1-sec pause at bottom, EXPLODE UP, 1-sec pause at top
= approx 5-6 seconds PER REP, so 12 reps should take almost a full minute

B. Inverted Rows – 3 sets of MAX REPS @ 31X1 tempo
Same exact rep target and notes as Part A for the Push-ups
C. Superset x 2 sets each:
Incline DB Bench x 12-15 reps
Supinated (underhand) Barbell Rows x 12-15 reps
Rest 2-3 min

D. Giant Set x 2 Rounds:

Wide Grip Hang High Pulls x 10-12 reps (approx 60% of snatch max)
DB Lateral Raises x 12-15 reps
Bradford Press x 10-12 reps (there and back = 1 rep)
Rest 2-3 min

High Pull to Lateral Raise superset
Bradford Press

E. EMOM x 10 min (alternating)

Barbell Curls x 8-10 Reps
Banded Pushdowns x 12-15 Deejay Reps

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