CrossFit & Strong WODs Wed Feb 26th 2020

These are the official parking rules and you may be towed if you ignore them.


A.) Deadlift & Planks (Week 1 of 4)
Same style as the squats. Complete a few warm up sets, and then:

65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x max reps

*Complete a 1min. Weighted Plank on your hands BEFORE every set above.
*3-5 Sets total. The warm-up sets are optional 😉
*Does’t sound hard to do the plank, but trust me… It gets nasty! And the combo BLASTS your core. It’s good for ya!

B.) 15min. AMRAP:
5 Bench Press 185/100
5 Strict Pull Ups (Use a band if you can’t do strict)
15 Wall Balls 20/14
200m Run

*Share the benches and start at different stations to make this work.
*If your bench press is really light, then consider doing a floor press with some DBs for sets of 10 instead.
*ADV 30/20lb Ball

Cool Down:

2 min walk

Stretch at least 30 sec each one.



Wednesday 2/26 – Lower (Quad Dom) and Core
Part B and C repeat each week. Track these metrics for progress

A. Build to a comfortable weight for complex:
1 Squat Clean + 2 Hang Squat Clean + 3 Front Squats
*The purpose is to move PERFECTLY and prep the body for the Back Squat and Split Squats that follow. Do not attempt a weight you aren’t 100% confident you can make with QUALITY technique.

B. Back Squats
3 sets of 12 reps
*Try to exceed 3×12 from 5 weeks prior

C. Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats
3 sets of 12 reps (per leg)
(Try to exceed 3×12 from 5 weeks prior)
*Load with DB’s held by side, or barbell in “front-rack” position.
Advanced trainees can use the “back-rack” loading option

D. 2 Rounds:
12-16 Reps Cossack Squats (6-8 per leg, alternating)
Rest 1-2 min
AMRAP 1 min – Burpee DB Squat Clean Thrusters
Rest 1-2 min

E. 2 Rounds:
6-12 Reps Strict Hanging Leg Raise (Rings or bar ok)
Rest 15-30 seconds
8-15 Reps GHD or Decline Sit-ups
Rest 15-30 seconds
12-20 Reps Russian Twists (add weight of choice)
Rest 2-3 min between rounds

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