CrossFit & Strong WODs Mon July 29th 2019

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A.) Back Squat (Week 2 of 4)
Complete a few warm up sets, and then:
70% x 3
80% x 3
90% x max reps

* In between sets, complete a 1min. Plank Hold (on your hands) with a 45/25lb plate on your back. If you squat correctly, you should feel the fatigue from this in your actual squats. That’s a good thing though don’t worry 🙂

B.) 18min. AMRAP:
7 Cal Assault Bike or 7 Cal Row or 100m Sprint
7 Power Clean and Jerks 135/95
7 Wall Balls 30/20lb

Side Note: SQUAT CYCLES are probably the most important thing that we do in this gym and that we can do in our lives actually. Deadlift cycles are equally important if you can’t squat… Point being, if you miss a day, try and make it up before next week hits. I don’t care if it’s at 24 hour fitness, your garage, or even after a workout you already did. Those strength gains will help you live longer, healthier lives. Your body will thank you, trust me.



Monday 7/29
Upper Body Strength
Parts A and B remain similar throughout the cycle. Track these metrics.
A. Alternate Movements
Rest as needed between sets of each to ensure loading and quality movement
As usual, remember to begin the cycle with weights that are about RPE 7 and leave room for improvement week to week

Bench Press
Ramp-up sets as needed, then 2 x 4-6 for work sets

Ring Pullups (scale as “Rack Pull-ups”)
Ramp-up sets as needed, then 2 x 4-6 for work sets

B. Strict BB OHP
Ramp-up sets as needed, then work sets of 3×3 @ the SAME WEIGHT
increase weight following week when you make all 3×3 with same loading
***Fractional plates will be key to continue progress.
C. Alternate Movements x 3 sets each:

Meadows Rows – Reps 12-8-12 (PER ARM)
Rest 1-2 min then move to Dips

Dips – Reps 10-8-6 (increasing weight/difficulty)***
Rest 1-2 min return to Rows

***Note for Dips, that if the 12-10-8-6 rep scheme is going to restrict your ability to increase difficulty each set, it’s ok to decrease rep scheme to 8-6-4-2 or 10-8-6-4 etc…

D. 5 Rounds for QUALITY movement:

6 Hang DB Power Clean
6 DB Push Press
12 Push-ups on DB Handles



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