CrossFit & Strong WODs Mon Jan 20th 2020

Seminars with Dr Shu are back in action, the first one of 2020 will be all about rowing! Don’t miss it!


A.) Front Squat & Pull Superset 
18min. Window…
Front Squat 5 x 5 with a 30×0 Tempo
(3sec. down, 0sec. at the bottom, up, and 0sec. at the top)
Immediately into;
Pulling option:
Option 1: 5 Weighted Chin-Ups (underhand)
Option 2: 5-10 Towel Pull Ups
Rest 90sec. After Each Set
B.) 17min. Running Clock…
20sec. ON
20sec. OFF
100 Burpees
100 Front Squats 95/65lbs.
100 Pull-Ups (kipping)

*Partition anyway you like

So you only get 20sec. to work, then a mandatory 20sec. rest. Not sure if you can finish this or not, but lets see. Score is just the amount of reps you got total unless you can finish.

Cool Down:

Walk 200m then

30 sec each
1 min each side




Monday 1/13 – Conditioning

A. AMRAP 20 min (with mandatory rest after each round)
100m Run with medball (carry however)
15 Wall-Balls
100m Farmers Carry (one KB/DB per hand)
15 DB/KB Deadlifts
100m Sprint (with nothing added)
30-second Plank on medball
Rest EXACTLY 2 minutes

Rest as needed

B. 4 Rounds:

Bike 30 seconds at HARD effort
Walk 200m recovery

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