CrossFit & Strong WODs Mon Feb 17th 2020

A special Valentines day contest for our couples! Put your names and the date in the sparkly envelope at the front desk every time you workout together. Every workout together is an entry and increases your chances of winning. Remember if your person doesn’t work out here, they can always try 2 classes for free!
Friends and family welcome bring snacks or Drinks!



A.) The CrossFit Total
Back Squat (1 Rep Max)
Shoulder Press (1 Rep Max)
Deadlift (1 Rep Max)

We rarely do stuff like this so I want you to get AMPED and hit some big lifts today! You will need to know these numbers for the next strength block starting next week!

Short warm up and 15min. on each section. I know some of you are going to want a breathe a little still, so here’s a little something if you have time and want to stay after:

B.) Optional if you have time:

Every 2min. x 8 Rounds:
(Alternating Between:)

1.) 400m Run
2.) 90sec. AMRAP of:
5 DB Thrusters 35/25s
10 Renegade Rows (5ea. arm)
15 Sit-Ups (anchor feet)

For the AMRAPs, be sure to start where you left off on the preceding round.

Cool Down:

2 min easy cardio

At least 1 min each side
2 min each side



Monday 2/17 – Lower (Quad Dom) and Core

DELOAD WEEK BEGINS TODAY and will continue for 4 total sessions. Final deload session following Monday, then the next mesocycle of this MACROcycle commences on Wednesday 2/26

A. Back Squats
2 sets of 8-10 reps @ 90% of weight for 12+ repsB. Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squats
1 x 12-15 (BW only)
1 x 10-12 (super light weight)
1 x 8-10 @ 90% of weight for 12+ reps
*Load with DB’s held by side, or barbell in “front-rack” position.
Advanced trainees can use the “back-rack” loading option

C. Goblet Squats
10 Reps EMOM x 6 min @ 70-80% weight you would normally choose for this drill

D. 3 Rounds of moderate/sustainable movement:
All movements completed at about 70-80% effort level
300m Row
30 Reverse Crunches
30 Walking Lunge Steps (super light or no weight)
30-second Plank on Rings

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