CrossFit & Strong WODs Friday Nov 1st 2019


Crossfit Games Open 20.4 (20min Time Cap)
For time:

30 box jumps, 24 in/20 in
15 clean and jerks, 95 / 65lb
30 box jumps, 24 in /20 in
15 clean and jerks, 135 / 85 lb
30 box jumps, 24 in /20 in
10 clean and jerks, 185 / 115 lb
30 single-leg squats
10 clean and jerks, 225 / 145 lb
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 275 lb / 175 lb
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, 315 lb / 205 lb

What’s really important here is getting ready for those heavy clean and jerks. Let’s get a good cardio warm up in and make sure your mobility and calves are warm. Mobility meaning your pistol position.

I love pistols to a rogue brick, wall ball, or a stack of plates as a scale. However, if you don’t want to even try a pistol, let’s swap that out for 50 walking lunges.)

Warm up with something like:
1min. of casual walking lunges
1min. of single unders
1min. of box step-ups
1min. of pistol practice
1min. of double unders
1min. of box jumps
1min. of pistol practice
3min. of barbell work (muscle clean and press + a few clean and jerks at starting weight)

Accessory Work Pick one of the 3 options:
1.) Teams of 2: (pick one)
5,000m Row for time
3 Mile Assault Bike
50 Sandbag Over Shoulder

2.) Solo: 800m single arm KB carry 70/53lb. Suitcase style only. Switch sides at any time.

3.) 5 Rounds:
10 Barbell Sit-Ups 45/35
20 Reverse Barbell Sit-Ups


Cool Down:

2 min easy cardio then stretch:

Get your flow on! 30 sec each.


Friday 11/1
Upper Body Strength

Protocol for building to a max lift
After 75% max, all progressive sets should just be a SINGLE rep with full mental focus and preparation going into each rep (setup, bracing, power, breathing, etc…)
75% x 1-2 reps
80-85% x 1 rep
90-95% x 1 rep
102-103% x 1 rep = New PR
Continue adding weight if you make the 102-103% weight!
All lifts have a 2-Miss Rule

A. Alternate Movements
Rest as needed between sets of each to ensure loading and quality movement
Bench Press – Build to 1-RM
Ring Pullups (scale as “Rack Pull-ups”) – Build to 1-RM

B. Strict BB OHP – Build to 1-RM

C. Pendlay Rows – Build to 5-RM

D. Dips or Weighted Push-ups – Build to 5-RM

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